Woman Returns $36K Hidden In Sofa She Got For Free

Craigslist Couch

Craigslist Couch

Craigslist Couch

Talk about integrity! A California woman is now $2,200 richer after she made the decision to return $36,000 she found hidden in a couch she got for free.

According to ABC 7 News, Vicky Umodu was searching for new furniture on Craigslist when she stumbled across a couch listing that seemed too good to be true. The set of sofas was reportedly listed for $0.

“I said, ‘Maybe it’s a gimmick.’ I said, ‘Let me call them,’” Umodu said.

The family that listed the furniture reportedly explained that a loved one recently passed away and they were getting rid of everything on the property. Umodu stated that she loved the furniture, but she noticed something odd about the cushions. After examining them, she found several envelopes full of cash.

I thought it was a heat pad. I was telling my son, ‘Come, come, come!’ I was screaming. ‘This is money! I need to call the guy.”

Umodu confirmed that the cash in the envelopes totaled $36,000, and noted that she never intended to keep the money. She immediately contacted the family who gave her the furniture to return it. She also said that when she returned the money, the family told her they found other cash hidden throughout the house.

God has been kind to me and my children, they’re all alive and well. I have three beautiful grandchildren, so what can I ever ask from God?”

The family rewarded Umodu with $2,200, the amount she needed to buy a new refrigerator for her home.

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