Woman goes viral for teaching boyfriend to do Brazilian waxes

She turned her private parts into her boyfriend’s public workspace. 

A New York City artist named Sunny is going viral after giving her 25,000 followers a full-frontal peek into the ways she and her man strip — with waxing strips, that is. 

“Taught my [boyfriend] how to wax me during quarantine and now he can do a full [Brazilian wax] in 20 mins,” boasted Sunny, 25, on Twitter. Her post garnered more than 225,000 likes from erotically impressed hedonists. 

And the unabashed creative, who’s originally from California, went on to share the Amazon link to the extra-strength waxing materials by Sally Hansen, and offered her fans words of wax wisdom: “This is the kit we use & make sure they wax in the right direction.”

NYC artist named Sunny went went viral for a tweet claiming she taught her boyfriend to do her Brazilian waxes in 20 minutes during the COVID-19 quarantine. Instagram/@illustrasunsA wave of intimate-grooming groupies applauded Sunny and her unnamed honey for their money-saving pastime. 

“My boyfriend tells me to teach him so I can stop paying for it haha,” penned one approving audience member. “It’s best when your partner can wax you instead of going to another wax lady,” wrote another user, claiming that she and her fiancée wax each other in just “16 minutes.”

Others likened Sunny’s skin-timacy with her boyfriend to a trending clip of singer and “Fast & Furious” star Tyrese Gibson, 43, sensually shaving his girlfriend Zelie Timothy’s bikini line. 

Taught my bf how to wax me during quarantine and now he can do a full brazilian in 20 mins— 🌱sunny (@illustrasuns) March 1, 2022
“I’m going to put the creamer on first, then I’ll mix it with some oil,” said the “Signs of Love Making” vocalist in the hair-removal footage, which wildly circulated cyberspace last April. After thoroughly lathering up his lady’s parts, Gibson gushed over her crotch’s beauty then shaved it clean with a plastic razor. 

However, while the likes of Gibson and Sunny’s beau are happy to take care of their partners’ privates primping, other guys seem to feel that having to carry out the task would be a low down, dirty shame. 

Gibson went viral in April 2021 after starring in an Instagram video of himself shaving his girlfriend’s pubic hair. Instagram/@zelietimothy“Hunny hold on to that man, cuz I’m speaking from a place as a man that does a ton for his fiancé and future wife and I would never,” scoffed a critic. “I’d pay to let her get it done professionally or tell her to rock a full bush. Lol but no way in hell am I waxing someone.”

But the anti-waxer’s comment didn’t seem to faze Sunny. Rather, she congratulated herself on having a lover who loves making her happy. 

“Me getting what I want,” she said, adding the handshaking emoji

Sunny congratulated herself on having a handy boyfriend. Instagram/@illustrasuns

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