Woman flies to Turkey to shell out $42,639 for veneers

A beauty lover has revealed the things that nobody talks about when getting veneers.

Over the years, veneers have become one of the most sought-after beauty procedures in the world – from celebrities like Katie Price to regular people, everyone seems to be getting them.

Amongst them is also Jade Pritchard, 30, who flew to Turkey to get a fresh set of pearly whites.

But whilst she appears to be happy with the final result, she took it to social media to share what really happened during and after the dental appointment, which cost her $42,639.

At the start of the clip, which has since gone viral, racking up over 1.3 million views, the 30-year-old shared footage of her natural teeth trimmed down to an extreme level.

Although she did give a thumbs-up, Jade was struggling to speak, sharing close-ups of her saying: ”I can’t talk or smile.”

It appears that this was the result of the anesthesia injected to numb the pain, leaving her muscles not working properly.

With brand new veneers tucked in, Jade set off out of the surgery – but although the procedure left her with a sparkling Hollywood smile, the beauty lover was still unable to use her lower face muscles.

”Can’t do anything, ” she said whilst attempting to laugh.

”I can’t even laugh.”

The beauty lover also revealed that after the procedure she was only able to consume soup, as any solid food is impossible to chew after getting veneers.

Jade Pritchard visited Turkey and paid $42,639 for a veneer procedure.@jadepritchard4 / TikTok

Jade Pritchard had long sought after a shiny white smile and was happy to show it off on TikTok.@jadepritchard4 / TikTok

But whilst some said the end result looked ”fab”, not everyone was impressed, with a few critical viewers thinking Jade was too young to get veneers.

”You’ll end up needing full plates at a young age because they will eventually wear down,” commented someone.

Another agreed: ”Why do people do this! They’re not permanent and will need redoing again in 10 years time.”

Jade Pritchard shared her struggles to talk after being ejected with anesthesia during the veneer procedure.@jadepritchard4 / TikTok

Jade Pritchard admitted she couldn’t laugh at all while recovering.@jadepritchard4 / TikTok

A third shared the same opinion: ”That’s so sad to see :(.

”Especially if the nerve is still alive and they haven’t had any RCT on them? You’ll forever have problems with them.”

Someone else described this as the ”Dentists worst nightmare [sic]”.

”I was going to go and get this done but apparently it’s another like 3 grand every 8 years,” a fellow beauty lover wrote.

Social media users argued Jade Pritchard is too young to get veneers.@jadepritchard4 / TikTokIn other news, a beauty fan has been left mortified after an expensive pair of clip-in veneers leaves him unable to close his mouth.

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This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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