Who’s your ‘Love Is Blind’ match based on your zodiac sign?

Love may be blind but the stars see all.

Season 2 of Netflix’s binge-inducing, dumpster fire hit, “Love Is Blind” has come to a close with six couples in various stages of betrothal and breakup.

Hosted by Scorpio power couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the reality dating show blends high stakes and lowly behavior. As Nick, with appropriately dramatic pause tells contestants, “Here, you will choose someone to marry… without ever seeing them.”

Since millennials crave punishment, partnership and publicity (not necessarily in that order) a mess of hopeful Chicago singles participated in a blindfolded experiment in intimacy, superficiality and mismanaged expectations.

What do the zodiac signs of the cast members reveal about their true natures and the likelihood of lasting love?

Who’s your perfect match?ADAM ROSE/NETFLIXRead on to learn more. 

Aries March 21 – April 19 

Apex Aries Sal goes headfirst when it comes to love. Netlfix Sal 

Aries is a self-starting fire sign that favors action over reflection. Sal, owner of the best set of eyebrows in the cast, was born March 29. He proves the full force of his Aries nature in his bold approach to courting Mallory which included operatic serenading and a proposal. Aries rules the head and those born under the sign of the ram tend to go head first into love, conflict, mosh pits and thermal baths. Sal’s decision not to say “I do” at the altar, telling US Weekly he, “wanted to make that choice with her. I wanted to see how I felt in that moment with her,” is also emblematic of Aries propensity for impulse decision making.  

As the first sign in the zodiac, an Aries like Iyanna needs to be the top priority of her partner. NetflixIyanna

Born April 19, Iyanna is a fellow Aries whose fiery personality is evident in her relationship with Scorpio Jarette. Initially skeptical about Jarette’s connection with Mallory, Iyanna had to feel like she was number one, a typical qualifier for Aries, who, as the first sign of the zodiac, needs to be the foremost priority of their partner. Cue Beyoncé’s, “Love on Top,” as it seems Jarette straightened out his hierarchy of attention in time for the two to make it to the altar and exchange vows.  

Taurus April 20 – May 20 

The hierarchy of needs for a Taurus like Shayne is food, sex, sleep and being right. NetflixShayne 

Born May 10, Shayne falls under the sign of the bull. Taureans are big on loyalty and shaky when it comes to admitting fault within themselves. Of all the zodiac earth signs, Taureans are the most unapologetically hedonistic, prone to excess and insulted by moderation. Who but a bull would insist on an Old Fashioned fountain and cheese curd bar at their wedding reception? For all their can’t-get-enough habits, bulls struggle with feelings of worthiness and not being enough, a tender spot for Shayne that contributed to the deterioration of his relationship with Natalie. 

The “Love Is Blind’ Season 2 hopefuls pose with hosts, celebrity couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey.ADAM ROSE/NETFLIXLeo July 23 – Aug. 22 

Leos like Kyle love to be seen and expect to be adored. NetflixKyle 

The preferred sin of Leos is vanity and it is thus utterly fitting that Kyle’s professional life as a glazier entails him installing reflective surfaces. Add to this that our boy, born Aug. 11, isn’t shy about a shirtless selfie. Leo rules the fifth house of pleasure and the inner child and Kyle, an avowed enemy of bad vibes and negative attitudes, gets his kicks from jet skiing, Jack Russell terrier portraiture and tiki bar drinks. 

Virgo Aug. 23 – Sept. 22 

Virgos like Shake have a gently defiant, take it or leave it approach to love. NetflixShake

Virgo rules the sixth house of service and it tracks that Shake, born Sept. 7, is a veterinarian by trade. On account of earth being their ruling element, Virgos are about indulgence, albeit earned indulgence which explains Shake’s DJ side hustle, i.e., getting paid to be the heartbeat of the party. Virgos are notoriously critical of themselves and others, though Shake’s brutal honesty about his aesthetic preferences and lack of physical chemistry with Deepti may have been more compassionate than cruel. Ruled by Mercury, there’s a defiance to Virgo energy that’s very much take it or leave it, a quality made clear by Shake’s declaration of, “You don’t have to like me. Only I have to like me.” Real talk, my guy. 

Virgos like Shaina view relationships as something akin to a home renovation project. NetflixShaina

Shaina, born Sept. 12 is a fellow Virgo. Virgos aren’t big on compromise so it’s fitting that Shaina would give Kyle the ex axe based upon their oppositional religious beliefs. When it comes to renovation projects and relationships, Virgos can’t help but see the potential. While this is a great perspective for a charming yet dilapidated mid-century modern home, it is decidedly less helpful when dealing with, and trying to find the redemptive arch in, problematic bros like Shayne and Kyle. 

Scorpio Oct. 23 – Nov. 21 

Scorpios like Jarette draw strength from the transformative power of their personal trials and tribulations. NetflixJarette 

Jarette was born Nov. 6, making him a sensitive, seductive Scorpio. Ruled by Pluto, planet of death and regeneration, Scorpios are transformed and fortified through traumatic experiences, and Jarette is no exception. The Chicago native revealed he survived a violent attack by a close friend that left him hospitalized. In Episode 4, Jarette opened up to Iyanna about his scar tissue, allowing her to massage the parts of his body that bear the memory of his trauma, a truly tender and deeply Scorpionic approach to bonding.  

Scorpios like Danielle can’t abide small talk, preferring brave conversations that lead to authentic connection. NetflixDanielle 

Danielle, born Nov. 7, is a fellow Scorpio. Like most scorpions, she craves intimacy and fears betrayal in equal measure. With this in mind it’s easy to understand how and why Danielle and Nick were able to get so vulnerable with each other about divorce, insecurity and their respective weight loss struggles straight away. Scorpios won’t suffer small talk and have no fear of the dark within themselves or others. In fact, they revere shadows as the surest pathway toward the light of shared intimacy. 

Aquarius Jan. 20 – Feb. 18

Aquarians like Deepti have two planetary rulers, Saturn and Uranus. NetflixDeepti 

Born Jan. 30, crowd favorite Deepti is an enigmatic Aquarius. Her Instagram bio states she is the, “Product of two cultures intertwined into one soul,” a duality in keeping with her star sign which counts not one but two planetary rulers, stern Saturn and punk rock Uranus. Further indication of her astro identity can be found in Deepti’s “Love Is Blind” bio where she proclaims, “I would tell the love of my life I’m ready to light up his life because my name literally means ‘light.’” Fittingly, Aquarius rules electricity and Thomas Edison, OG bearer of light himself, was a fellow water bearer. 

Water bearers like Natalie Lee are adept at keeping their emotions in check and their true selves protected.NetflixNatalie Lee

Natalie Lee was born Feb. 17, meaning she is also a space cowboy Aquarius. Natalie balances the dual planetary influences of Saturn and Uranus by prioritizing work and play in equal measure. As an air sign, Aquarians are adept at intellectualizing emotion, a quality that allows them to lead with their logical minds rather than their ever-fickle hearts. We see this strength and resolve in Natalie who made the choice to back away from Shayne not because she lacked feelings for him, but because she recognized that their incompatibility and his emotional outbursts were too much of a hurdle to overcome. 

Pisces Feb. 19 – March 20

Pisceans like Mallory are looking for a dream lover they can escape reality with. NetflixMallory

Born March 16, Mallory is a watery Pisces. The last sign in the zodiac, Pisces folk are prone to dreaminess that borders on delusion and seek a soul mate, twin flame, fated kind of love that may or may not be realistically attainable. Mallory exhibits this tendency in her idealization of her parents’ half-century-long marriage, writing on her Instagram page, “Happy 50th Anniversary to my mom and dad! I’ve seen how beautiful marriage can be but also how much hard work it takes to make it last.” In love with love, it’s hard to come on too strong for a Pisces which explains why Sal’s serenading was emotional catnip to Mallory. Mutable, Pisceans have a hard time with hard no’s and/or the establishment of firm boundaries, a quality expressed in Mallory’s handling of her competing feels for Sal and Jarette. 

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