What to expect – good and bad – for your zodiac sign in March 2022

Let’s get festive in March! With a gorgeous month ahead of us, the stars above will be dancing to an upbeat tune. Life will also be speeding along rapidly with all of the planets racing forward in the sky, promising that we’ll be busy and watching our lives move along at a brisk pace.

It’s a month of lucky beginnings

March 2022 brings many planets together in conjunctions, which is where they meet in the same place in the sky. Conjunctions signify fresh starts, the onset of distinct cycles and new beginnings. Luck and good news will fill our personal and professional lives, so start to plan ahead for what new patterns you would like to initiate in March!

Our cosmic lovers are energizing our social lives

Venus, the planet of love, and Mars, the planet of passion, will be dancing side by side through the skies of Aquarius this month. This guarantees that we’ll experience a more active social life in the weeks to come, enjoying more time with friends and acquaintances, as well as being given a chance to widen our networks. Getting involved in communities and groups, as well as volunteering, will bring joy to our hearts.

It’s Pisces season

Let’s get spiritual! Throughout most of the month, the sun will swim through the tropical reefs of Pisces. We will be deeply intuitive, introspective and mystical. Open your heart to others. Release what is not serving your higher good. Reflect on what you’ve built in the past 12 months and start to daydream about what you would like to begin once the spring equinox arrives.

March will be glorious. Buckle up!Getty ImagesSpring has arrived!

The spring equinox will occur on Sunday, March 20, 2022 at 11:33 a.m. Eastern time. This is the official beginning of the zodiac year and the onset of the spring season! This is a time of fresh starts, new beginnings and charging into new territory. Prepare to feel the spice of life and your internal fire to awaken once again. It is also the beginning of Aries season.

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Your ultimate guide to March 2022’s astroweather

3/1/2022: Since November 2021, sweet Venus was lost in the fog due to her retrograde phase. Finally, she will leave that cosmic dust behind her as she is back to full speed. Get ready for love, money and beauty to be back in full!3/2/2022: A new moon in Pisces pops off today, bringing you all the emotional feels! Get in touch with what your spirit is telling you. The sun also high-fives Uranus, bringing exciting spontaneity to you. Mercury unites with Saturn, which will give you concentration and focus — just don’t let your head sink into pessimistic thinking. You got this!3/3/2022: Prepare for a day of intensity — wowza! Mars unites with Pluto, the planet of rebirth and domination, bringing you an insatiable hunger for power and sex. Your ambitions could see success if you strike now. Venus, too, snuggles up with Pluto, as well. On one hand, you could be able to magnetically attract people to you. On the other, if you’re in a toxic relationship, there could be hella drama and possessiveness. Just take a chill pill.3/5/2022: The Luckiest Day of the Year has arrived! This is a big deal — so tap into the luck by taking chances, launching projects and putting yourself out there. You can use this in any way. Prepare for miracles. Action will get you far now.3/6/2022: Our cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, hold hands and parade into Aquarius. Get ready for social vibes. Online dating will go well for singles — or even asking out a cutie you’ve known for quite some time. Venus and Mars will also unite once again, making this a five-star day for romance, passion and sex.3/7/2022: Neptune, our planet of spirituality and imagination, begins to slow down in the sky today. In the coming months, watch for synchronicities and patterns in your dreams.Plan ahead for the best and most challenging days of the month.Getty Images3/9/2022: Mercury, the planet of the mind, dances into the seas of Pisces for weeks to come. Prepare for your head to be significantly colored by your emotions and heart. Creativity will be enhanced.3/13/2022: As the sun and Neptune canoodle today, you’ll be feeling heightened levels of sensitivity, empathy and creativity. Have a heart-to-heart with someone special. Go see a movie in a theater or binge a visually stunning series on TV.3/17/2022: Mercury and Uranus are BFFs today, meaning that your day will be filled with exciting news and stimulating conversations. Happy surprises could be around every nook and cranny.3/18/2022: The worm moon arrives. We’ll be feeling productive, ambitious and eager to transform our lives for the better. Find a way to streamline your plans to be more efficient and eliminate things — and people — who just waste your time. Bye bye bye.3/19/2022: Yikes! A thunderbolt will strike Venus from Uranus today, so relationships will feel rocky and chaotic. To harness this energy for the better, bust out the kink in the bedroom with your boo or, if single, go after someone who is a little bit more eccentric and outside of your normal type. Just don’t act too impulsively, as scandals will come to people who cheat near this time.3/20/2022: The spring equinox arrives as soon as the sun becomes ignited in Aries. Happy Spring, my friends!3/21/2022: Prepare for happy news, euphoric moods and exciting blessings to fill your day. Mercury gets a great big bear hug from Jupiter, and we’ll be feeling fabulicious. Sign contracts, make promises or launch projects today if you want them to be sealed with luck.3/22/2022: Ickkkkkk! Mars and Uranus are both known to cause a scene and chaos, so when they’re both in a bad mood and throwing bombs at each other, it means it’s time to lie low. TBH: This energy will begin to be felt as early as the 19th and will linger until about the 24th, with today being the most intense. People will be acting irrationally and impulsively, so try not to rock the boat. Accidents, breakdowns and fights are all possible. To better harness this vibe, find creative outlets for your ideas and be inventive in the bedroom with your bae.Give love to make more.Getty Images3/23/2022: As Mercury and Neptune embrace, your mind will be filled with creative fantasies and more easily able to tap into psychic impressions. Listen to your intuition. However, confusion, fear and paranoia could also pop up, so like . . . don’t jump off the deep end.3/26/2022: With Mercury and Pluto working in tandem today, you’ll have profound revelations of the mind. You can also use your powerful ideas, words and authority to get ahead. People will find you persuasive and convincing.3/27/2022: Our cosmic messenger, Mercury, shimmies into Aries for the weeks to come! Our minds and communications will become more feisty, direct and passionate. Seize the day to take the lead in all of your endeavors.3/28/2022: As Saturn kicks Venus in the stomach today, we’ll be feeling depressed, isolated and low. Disappointment or distance in relationships is possible now. Unions that are on shaky grounds could even break up today. Financial hardships can also pop up now. It’s best to unplug and let these trash vibes pass. April will also be hella fun.You’re welcome. Be sure to check back for our monthly horoscope, too!

Predictions from my BFF and world-renowned psychic Calise Simone:

From March 1 to 3, you may feel time is short and you’re racing against the clock to get everything done. Tie up any loose ends, this is the final push before the fun begins! Your future-self will thank you. Aim to have your goals in place by the 18th, so you can sit back, relax and watch your dreams manifest. The intentions and actions you set now will determine your success for the next eight months. Play your cards right, and you could be living your dream.

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