Wear Puffers On Your Feet This Winter

We can all agree that puffer jackets are the winter staple that everyone needs, but have you tried wearing the puffy stuff on your feet? Enter: puffer boots. As an extension of the Moon Boot craze that started last winter, as well as the inflated accessories we saw in summer 2022, the pillowy style is everywhere this season and it’s here to stay. Quilted garments take centre stage this winter; take Moschino’s spring 2023 runway show featuring inflatables galore as a prime example. 

If you need more convincing, this volume-forward footwear can be worn everywhere, from a city dog walk to après-ski. From quilted and matelassé puffer boots to full-on Moon Boots, click through below for puffer-like winter footwear you can wear all cozy season long.

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