Wallet with $4,000 lost in NYC incredibly returned to owner

This person restored faith in humanity.

A New York City good Samaritan proved that chivalry isn’t dead after she discovered a wallet containing thousands of dollars in Times Square — and got it back to its rightful owner.

The noble deed occurred Wednesday morning while Honduras native Eduardo Martinez was walking through the tourist-inundated area to get to work, NBC New York reported. During his commute, the man reportedly dropped his wallet, which contained $4,000 cash along with standard wallet items, near Broadway and 49th Street.

Upon realizing what had transpired, the panicked man returned to the crowded area, whereupon he was approached by two police officers. They explained that they’d been given a wallet by an unnamed woman who had been commuting to work at the same time as Martinez.

Eduardo Martinez lost the money pouch while walking through Times Square. NBC-TV 4 NYCMartinez was overjoyed to discover that all the wallet’s contents, including the $4,000, were still inside.NBC-TV 4 NYCAfter verifying his identification, the cops reunited the relieved fellow with his money pouch, which, incredibly, still had all the contents inside, including the four grand.

Martinez said in Spanish that he’s grateful to the cops and the woman who returned it to him, adding that their act of kindness proves that there are still honest people in the world.

Martinez says the noble deed proves that there are still good people in the world.NBC-TV 4 NYCIn a more surprising recovery last month, hackers who executed the largest cryptocurrency heist in history “for fun” returned the $610 million they stole to its rightful owner. Even more shockingly, the burglarized company offered them money as a reward for their “good deed.”

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