Vince Staples Gets Jumped At A House Party In His ‘Magic’ Video

Vince Staples runs into some trouble during a house party in his new video for “Magic.” The video opens with Vince buying a bag of frozen vegetables at the liquor store, only revealing that he’s in a bad state as he reaches the counter. When the clerk asks if everything is okay, Vince stoically (but vaguely) replies, “Party down the street. You should have seen me.”

That’s when the video cuts back to watching Vince entering the party in a clever callback to his entrance to the liquor store. Things go left for Vince when he bumps into the wrong guy while trying to have a good time, resulting in him leaving the party with a different set of souvenirs than the ones he came for. The song’s producer, Mustard, also makes a cameo, shaking his head at the overt displays of machismo that ultimately result in Vince’s injuries.

“Magic” is the first single from Vince’s upcoming album, Ramona Park Broke My Heart, which he first began teasing even before releasing its predecessor, the self-titled Vince Staples, last year. The single was first teased in a Beats By Dre commercial featuring Naomi Osaka. This year, he suggested that the album might finally be ready to go once he secured a beat from DJ Quik, which seemingly manifested the outcome he wanted; days later, he’d posted a photo from the studio with the iconic Compton producer. That would suggest (along with the tweet below) that Ramona Broke My Heart is complete and ready for release sometime this year.

Until then, enjoy the “Magic” video above.

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