(Video) Whoopi Goldberg Makes Emotional Statement About Abortion On ‘The View’




After Politico released a draft of the Supreme Court opinion suggesting that the landmark decision of Roe v Wade should be overturned, women’s rights are on the line and people are speaking out about it, including Whoopi Goldberg.


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On Tuesday’s episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg was very stern in her opinion about the possibility of the 1973 landmark decision being overturned.

While speaking about women being able to decide what to do with their body’s,

Goldberg stated:

You got people telling me I gotta wear a mask, or don’t wear a mask, or do this. Everybody wants to tell me what to do! This is my body! My doctor, and myself, and my child — that’s who makes the decision [about abortion]. Women, when they decide something is not right for them, they’re going to take it into their own hands. 

She continued to explain why women started to have an abortion.

It came about because people wanted people to have somewhere safe and somewhere clean. It has nothing to do about your religion. This is not a religious issue, this is a human issue.

The 66-year-old explained that “getting an abortion is not easy.”

It is a hard, awful decision that people make. If you don’t have the wherewithal to understand that, to start the conversation with, ‘I know how hard this must be for you,’ if you’re starting it by telling me I’m going to burn in hell, then you’re not looking out for me as a human being, whether I subscribe to your religion or not, and that is not OK.

Roe v Wade is being brought into question because the Supreme Court has been asked to rule on a Mississippi case that challenges the law.

The highest court has nine justices who serve on bench for life. Out of those nine justices, former Trump appointed three of them during his term.

This decision changed the “the political leaning of the court to one that was more skeptical about Roe v Wade and more supportive of restricting access to abortions. All three of Trump’s appointees reportedly voted to overturn. At the same time, many Republican states around the country have been focusing their attention in recent years on bringing in more restrictive laws, according to the BBC.

Roomies, what do you think about this?

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