(Video) Candace Owens Releases Footage Of Her Visit To Patrisse Cullors’ Home After Her Emotional Testimony

Candace Owens Patrisse Cullors

Candace Owens Patrisse Cullors

Candace Owens Patrisse Cullors

On Friday, Candace Owens shared a video targeting co-founder of Black Lives Matter Patrisse Cullors. The clip combines an Insta-Live video of Patrisse and a video from Candace’s recent visit to Patrisse’s private home. Last week, we shared an emotional testimony from Patrisse about Candace approaching her private residence in search of an interview. Candace quickly denied Patrisse’s claims that she demanded to speak to someone. And today, Candace pulled the video receipts to back her chat.

“BREAKING!! I am pre-releasing the footage of me showing up to ONE of the SIX mansions purchased by Patrisse Cullors/BLM over the last few years.
Remember last week when she hopped on Instagram and LIED claiming that she was unsafe and scared because I “demanded” to see her,” Candace wrote. “Remember what I told you she completely invented that narrative because I had no idea she was inside. I simply showed up, spoke to a white security guard accompanied by a white dog THROUGH the gate—and then volunteered to leave because he wasn’t responding to my questions at all.”

Candace Owens Shares Video Of Her Patrisse Cullors’ Visit

The video starts with the words “Instagram vs Reality” and a screengrab of Patrisse’s tear-filled eyes during last week’s Insta-Live. For the first few seconds, Patrisse speaks about Candace’s visit saying the show host was “demanding” an interview. The footage shows Candace approaching a gate and speaking to someone on the inside.

“I was just looking to speak to whoever is at this property because it’s listed as the Black Lives Matter property,” Candance said. After a moment of silence, she followed up with “Sir, hello?”

Afterward, another clip of Patrisse’s live plays and the co-founder says “the fact that she came outside my house and demanded…harassed me is unacceptable.” Next, a clip of Candace plays where she’s communicating her intentions to the person on the other side of the gate.

“We’re not trying to harass you, we’ll gladly leave. We’re just wondering if we can speak to anybody,” Candace said.

In the following video, Patrisse, in tears, pleaded with viewers about her personal and family’s safety, especially her child. Candace’s footage ends with a clip of her saying “thank you sir, have a great day” and walking away. The video ends at one minute and eighteen seconds.


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Patrisse Cullors’ Gives Emotional Testimony About Candace’s Visit

As previously reported, Patrisse had lenty to say regarding Candace’s visit. And she let it all out on IG Live.

“This morning I woke up to Candace Owens being outside of my house with a news crew. She was demanding that I come outside and when I looked at the video recording of what she was asking about, she was actually asking about the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation property and for reason seems like she thought my house was that.”


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She called Candace’s visit “unacceptable and dangerous.” During Patrisse’s live, Candace took to her social accounts with a different narrative. Candace stated that she politely identified herself at the gate. However, she said she left the property entrance after the guard started recording with no response to her questions.

“Patrisse is pretending to be scared because she knows that this Black Lives Matter lie is falling apart and she doesn’t know what to do,” Candace said. “People are aware of the scam that is Black Lives Matter.”

Later in the video response, Candace claimed Patrisse intentionally limited the comments on her Insta-Live video. A follow-up tweet by Candace says although she’s “very pregnant” (eight months to be exact), she has allegedly been shooting her BLM documentary “for months.”


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In the caption of Friday’s evidentiary post, Candace called Patrisse “an absolute fraud.” Earlier this week, Patrisse admitted to the Associated Press that she’s previously used one of BLM’s $6 million home as a venue for her son’s birthday party and a celebratory gathering for President Joe Biden’s inauguration. She denied pocketing any BLM donations or using any of the organization’s properties for her personal gain.

Candace’s documentary on Black Lives Matter is set to drop on May 23.

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