Vice President Kamala Harris Gets Taste of Presidential Power

VP Kamala Harris is making history by getting a little taste of POTUS power, courtesy of President Joe Biden getting his colon checked out.
Remember the date … Nov. 19, 2021 now marks the first time a woman had Presidential power in the United States.

The Prez waved to reporters as he headed to Walter Reed Medical Center Friday morning for a routine checkup, which included a colonoscopy and required him to be under anesthesia.
The White House confirmed Biden did temporarily transfer power to the Veep while he underwent the procedure. To be clear, she wasn’t sworn in as Prez … she just had the legal right to make all decisions in place of POTUS.
Yeah, it’s only for like 30 to 40 minutes, but still kind of a cool moment in history. Keep it in mind … you’ll win a trivia contest someday.

As for what VP Harris did with all that power? Not much, as far as we can tell — she was NOT out and about Friday morning. Thursday she did host meetings with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and Mexican Prez Lopez Obrador … after they’d met with Biden.
We’re guessing POTUS was busy doing his colonoscopy prep. NOT a great time for state dinners!!!

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