Venus in Aquarius will fill your life with laughter, love

It’s time to grow closer with your BFFs, baes and boos!

As Venus finally leaves behind the mountains of Capricorn — where she had spun in a cyclone for nearly four months — she will race at full speed into new territory. With her exploring new heights in the skies of Aquarius from March 6 until April 5, 2022, prepare for a whole change of pace! Also, dancing side-by-side with her cosmic lover, Mars, you can expect the upcoming weeks to be filled with opportunities for closer friendships, laughter, romance and love!

When Venus is in Aquarius, we will instantly notice the desire to express our love in purely authentic ways that honor our own individuality. Friendship, platonic connections and social acquaintances become especially important to us — even more so than just dancing with a twin flame. What we learn from the period when Venus dances through the water bearer’s zodiac sign is that soulmates come in many forms and are all equal in importance. Many people put a greater focus on finding their perfect match in marriage or sex that they often forget how significant of a role our friendships, contacts and network play in living a very full life. During this time, we’ll watch as we are surrounded by valuable connections and can live in the moment with them.

Always remember: your net worth is tied to your network.

As Venus is tied to how humanity is expressing connection and pursuing romance, we will crave more freedom in our relationships. Dating outside of one’s “type” — especially in regards to background, race, culture or lifestyle — will increase the chance of finding someone who can open your eyes about what else life has to offer. Experimental, quirky, eccentric connections may peak our interests. Being friends as well as lovers with our partners will be of the utmost importance. Lastly, as Aquarius rules the Internet and online dating, this will shine brightly for those seeking to expand their network or meet someone new.

Take a peek into a mini horoscope of how Venus in Aquarius will affect your zodiac sign in the weeks to come! Follow me for daily insight or read 2022 predictions for your zodiac sign or your 2022 love life and relationship horoscopes now! Don’t forget to check out your monthly horoscope by me, too!

Venus in Aquarius can bring you friendship or love.Getty ImagesARIES (MARCH 21 – APRIL 19)

One of the happiest periods of the year has arrived for you, Aries. As Venus shimmies through your friendship arena, you’ll be feeling the festive vibes to get dolled up, throw on your favorite outfit and hit the town! If committed, now is an excellent time to double date or take your partner out to an event. You could be everyone’s favorite “It” couple right now! If single, don’t you fret, as you’re stepping into an excellent period for online dating—or even asking that cutie acquaintance out who you’ve had your eye on. No matter what, you’ll feel like the universe is bringing you the love!

Date idea: Hit a concert, party or premiere with your boo!


Step into the spotlight, Taurus, everybody has their eyes on you! In fact, you could even be the recipient of some major awards, recognitions or applause. This will all be tied to how hard you’ve worked in recent months and if you’re in the right professional lane. Regardless, getting ahead will be much easier for you now, so if you want to apply for a big win, pitch an idea to a boss or look for a better job, you’re in luck!

Date idea: Bring a hot date to a professional mixer and show each other off!


It’s all about new experiences and culture ATM for you, Gemini! As Venus graces a fellow air sign, your mind, spirit and heart will be hella energized. The pace of life will get faster for you and you’ll be eager to try out new things that will stimulate your mind. Travel will sparkle for you, so if you can get out of town, you’ll have a stunning and memorable time! However, even if you can’t take a vacation, consider having a staycation with your lover and try out some exotic foods and foreign films to give you a fresh take on life.

Date idea: Step out to a museum or a film festival with your partner in crime!


Intimacy will be sweet as sugar in the weeks ahead, Cancer. You will be focusing on your softest side and considering how to open up more vulnerably — especially if you’re still feeling the scars of the past. Use this moment to heal and cuddle up, being cozy and sensitive. Use this energy to discuss your wants and needs and assess if all of them are being met.

Date idea: Plan a sexy night with your bae, whether it involves some quirky “toys,” flavored lube or a naughty game of truth or dare!


To say you have love written in the stars is an understatement now, Leo! Romance, commitment and connection can all be yours. Those in established relationships will feel even more harmony and be given an opportunity to nuzzle up or make long-term plans. Promises, engagements, moving in or even marriage may be offered to you! However, if you’re single and have been having a hard time finding the one, someone fresh could cross your path, so put yourself out there!

Date idea: Plan a special night out where you can play games while having exciting conversations — bowling, an arcade, even an ax-throwing establishment!

If you’ve had distance in relationships, that energy can now heal with Venus in Aquarius.Getty ImagesVIRGO (AUGUST 23 – SEPTMEBER 22)

With life moving at a brisk pace, you’ll be wondering how you can manage it all, Virgo! With Venus shaking it up in your sector of routines, there are a few ways you’ll be feeling her special goal. First off, you may notice that your coworkers, employment, or staff who report to you are being friendlier than normal. Life should be flowing harmoniously in this regard. Some Virgos may even catch a crush on someone they work with! Another especially sweet way this could affect you is that you decide to adopt or inherit a pet near this time or that you’re able to enjoy more time with your furry friend at your side.

Date idea: Go on a hike or hit up a climbing gym!


Cupid is soaring through the sky and you just got hit by a whole slew of arrows, Libra! As Venus graces your sector of passion, recreation, hobbies and romance, you should be in the mood for love! Singles are entering an especially auspicious period to find a new boo — or at least link up with some cool, new options. Don’t just sit back waiting for them to find you, though; you must put yourself out there, and then Cupid will do the work. Committed couples can also enjoy more tenderness to one another now. If you have children or wish to, now the stars are aligned for more good news from this arena.

Date idea: Plan a creative date where you can express your artistic abilities — even if it’s finger painting!


Feel the chill vibes at home, Scorpio! As Venus moves through a sector that relates to your home, domestic life and family, you should be feeling quite at one with others and the world. If you’d like to make any improvements with your décor or even search for the perfect place, you have a lot working in your favor. Lastly, if you’d like to improve a rapport with a family member, especially a parent, offer an olive branch and ask to catch up.

Date idea: Host a dinner party for friends or family and ask your boo to attend!


Venus will have you singing love songs in the weeks ahead, Sagittarius! As she links in a delightful angle to your Sun, you’ll find that your ability to write, speak and communicate eloquently will be immensely improved. Contracts could pop up for you with financial rewards, too. Also, if you’d like to step out of town for a quick change of pace, go venture out to a nearby city or resort and you may even meet someone unique along the way!

Date idea: Head out to an immersive experience in town while you hold hands with your sweetheart!


Let the dollar signs rain down upon you, Capricorn. With Venus moving through your prosperity sector, you’re a money magnet. Opportunities to add cash to your bank accounts could be like uncovered, gems in the sand. Another fabulous way this could affect you is by attracting a new job, raise or lucrative clients. Beyond this, not only could you suddenly inherit gorgeous new possessions, but also may buy some that bring you tremendous happiness.

Date idea: Plan a shopping spree with your one-and-only and feel rich!


Wowza! With Venus (and Mars, too) in your zodiac sign, you have a whopping bit of planetary energy making you sparkle and shine. This is an auspicious period to update your look, try out a new style or even pamper yourself with some TLC. Botox and other cosmetic procedures will go well for you and make you look years younger. Make romance, pleasure and creativity a top priority now! Also, if looking to conceive, you’ve got the seed of fertility highlighting you now.

Date idea: Plan a photoshoot with you and your significant other — jaws will drop!


Romance, pleasure and creativity will shine for you brightly behind closed doors, Pisces. This is a brief period, so don’t worry — you don’t need to expect months of chillaxing at home. If you’re newly dating, focus on the patterns you’ve repeated in the past that you wish to release now. Also, if there’s anyone from your past you’d like to rekindle a fling with or release once and for all, you’re especially in luck to do so. Lastly, pamper yourself with a masseuse and spa day at home!

Date idea: Snuggle up with a hit series with your boo, some wine and candlelight!

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