Van Jones Says The “Day-To-Day Reality For Black Folks Hasn’t Improved” Under Joe Biden’s Administration

van jones

van jones

van jones

Oop! CNN commentator Van Jones is trending on Twitter and has ruffled some feathers over comments he made on CNN’s New Day with co-host John Berman. During the interview, he gave his opinion on Democrats and how they “overpromised, and underdelivered so far.” While discussing President Joe Biden’s approval rating and the upcoming midterm elections, this occurred. Van didn’t spare President Biden while talking about sinking poll numbers, specifically among Black voters.

“Day-to-day reality for Black folks hasn’t improved in fact, because of inflation and other things, [it’s] gotten worse, and so you’re starting to see that disappointment factor set in,” he told John. John asked, “Do you think it will change the voting pattern?” Van quickly responded, “I think it may well.” The portion of the 20-second interview, which has over 51,000 views, has garnered a mixed reaction.



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One commented, “Van Jones is opportunistic/ go wherever the wind blows for clicks and likes.” Another commented, “Newsflash: Even Black people don’t trust Van Jones’ opinion. The media knows that Black women are the base of the Dem Party, and it TERRIFIES them! We know his kind and have navigated around them for centuries! Keep interviewing tokens and thinking that we listen to them.”

The White House’s chief of staff, Ronald Klain, decided to hop in the conversation and clapped back at Van by dropping some stats about President Biden’s changes. Ronald tweeted, “Again, the facts: Closed the vax equity gap, COVID deaths down 90%. Record job creation, unem rate down to 3.6%. Record small business creation, including records starts by black and Hispanic founders. Most diverse cabinet in history, first Black woman on SCOTUS.”

Roommates, let us know your take on Van’s comments.


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