US in dismal 18th place worldwide

The United States’ status as a Wordle superpower is slipping.

Perhaps it’s no wonder that American players are always complaining that Wordle is too hard. A recent study by data compiler Wordtips found that the US doesn’t even place in the top 10 when it comes to prowess at the viral New York Times-owned puzzle, in which players get six tries — or turns — to guess a new five-letter word each day

Wordle ability was judged on the average number of attempts it took each country’s players to guess the correct answer. Per the study — entitled “Where in the World is the Best at Solving Wordle” — Sweden won the top spot, with an average score of 3.72 turns nationwide. Nipping at their heels in second and third place, respectively, were their fellow Scandinavian nations Finland (3.81) and Denmark (3.83).

Meanwhile, sitting in an abysmal 18th place in the worldwide rankings is the US — the home of the brain teaser’s inventor Josh Wardle — which boasts a putrid score of 3.92. Geographically speaking, North Dakota is the state with the highest number of Wordle wizards, with an average score of 3.65, while the top city is Saint Paul, Minnesota (3.51), per the study.

The tracker deduced these results by analyzing geo-tagged tweets to “find the countries, states and cities with the best Wordle averages in the world,” per the site.

“We pulled 195,248 tweets with hashtag #wordle using Twitter API,” they explained. “We successfully extracted the game score from 142,669 tweets.”

Sweden was at the summit of the Wordle rankings with a score of 3.72.Word TipsClocking in a global fourth place — with a nationwide average of 3.8 turns — is Australia, which also boasted top “global city” in the world, Canberra (3.58). Three other Australian cities – Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide – also made it into the top 10 for the game, which has around 3 million players worldwide.

New York City, meanwhile, placed 26th out of the 116 US cities with available data, despite being the home base of the newspaper, which bought the puzzle from Wardle in January for an undisclosed seven-figure sum.

Saint Paul, Minnesota, was at the tip of the Wordle spear in terms of US cities.Word TipsHowever, perhaps the US’ dismal showing is altogether unsurprising given the number of complaints US-based Wordlers have levied against the game’s alleged difficulty since the Times’ acquisition.

This past Thursday, US users slammed the Wordle of the Day — “bloke” — for being decidedly “too British,” while on Feb. 17, incensed social media users claimed they were unable to win that day’s game because of too many vocabulary variations.

However, the crowning complaint came when the Times was accused of “trolling millennials” with a Wordle of the day “so obscure” that only animated problem-solver “Bob the Builder” could figure it out.

Canberra, Australia, came in first in terms of global cities.Word Tips

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