Tyler The Creator Has Absolutely No Interest In NFTs: ‘What The F*ck Is A NFT?’

NFTs have been a big deal for about a year now, and while some are still trying to wrap their heads around what “non-fungible tokens” even are, others have dived head-first into the game. Celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Brie Larson, Johnny Depp, Steve Aoki, Nas, Eminem. and more have all hopped on the NFT train, cashing in by selling exclusive content to their fans. On the other hand, names like Kanye West have expressed no desire to join the trend, as he stated in a now-deleted Instagram post. “My focus is on building real products in the real world,” he wrote before adding, “Do not ask me to do a f*cking NFT.”

Well, it seems like Tyler The Creator is also among the skeptics, as he revealed during a recent interview that was part of Converse’s 2022 All Star series. “What the f*ck is a NFT?” he said in a response to a question about them. He later added, “I paint at home, I play instruments. … I have a friend who’s making me speakers by hand right now. What the f*ck is a NFT?”

Tyler continued, “None of the examples I’ve seen is, like, beautiful art,” he said. “It’s a f*cking monkey in a Supreme hoodie.” He concluded his point by adding that you “can’t NFT me looking at you in real life.”

You can watch the full sit-down with Tyler in the video above.

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