Top Tips To Help You Care for Your Dog’s Paws

Top Tips To Help You Care for Your Dog’s Paws

Dogs may not need to wear shoes outdoors like humans do, but that doesn’t mean their little paws don’t need special care. Just like we don’t enjoy having long toenails or cracked soles, your dog will benefit from regular paw care. Follow these top tips to help you care for your dog’s paws.

Dealing With Extreme Weather

Walking your dog in the heat of summer or the cold of winter can be hard on soft doggy paws. You may want to invest in some booties to protect your dog’s feet from icy sidewalks or scorching hot pavement. You can also find waterproof booties to keep your dog’s feet dry in the rain.

Moisturize Regularly

There’s nothing more pleasant than a foot massage with lotion after a long day. Once they get used to the sensation, your dog can enjoy a good foot massage, too. Use special paw moisturizers that help repair cracked paw pads and break down callouses.

Trim Those Nails

If you can hear your dog’s nails clacking on the floor of your home or apartment, that’s a sign they’re getting too long. Trim your dog’s nails about once a month to keep them healthy and prevent them from causing your dog pain. Don’t forget to clean out any debris stuck in their paws and trim the hair around their pads!

Watch Out for These Behaviors

Dogs don’t groom their paws like cats do, so if you see your dog licking or chewing on their paws often, that’s a sign something may be wrong. Your dog could be having an allergic reaction to something on their paws. Additionally, all that licking and chewing may further aggravate whatever problem they have.

Groom Regularly

Just like people need haircuts, dogs also need regular bathing and grooming. Take your dog to see a professional dog groomer about once a month. If you don’t like trimming your dog’s nails yourself, the groomer can take care of that during the appointment.

Follow these top tips to help you care for your dog’s paws and give them the care and attention they deserve. Plus, you’ll lower your chances of having to deal with problems that matted fur and long nails can cause.

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