Tinder launches Festival Mode to match before the opening act

Now you can lock in a hookup even before you don your flower crown or crochet bra.

Finding your Bonnaroo buddy or Coachella companion will be easier than ever after Tinder released a fun and flirty feature, Festival Mode, to make sure you get laid — or at least don’t get lonely — at your favorite music festival this year.

The option will allow users to find fellow festivalgoers before the event begins, whether that be for friends or something more.

According to Tinder, 64% of singles say they enjoy meeting new people while attending live music events, and 61% say they’ve become friends, or more, with people they met at a music festival or concert.

Music festival season will be back in full swing soon, as warm weather ushers in the fun after two years of pandemic-dampened spirits.

“Festival Mode gives you a chance to get yourself back out there, meet new people and make friends before you hit the festival grounds. It’s a great, low-pressure way to make real-world connections again,” Kyle Miller, VP of product innovation at Tinder, explained.

Tinder will allow singles to select which music festivals they plan to attend and match with fellow concertgoers a month before the show.

Festival Mode launched in 10 countries just in time for festival season to begin this year. TinderNearly 1 in 3 singles is planning to attend a music festival or concert this year, Tinder reported, making them a great spot to find a date — or whatever one desires.

“Music is a universal language and the No. 1 interest among Tinder members worldwide,” Miller added. “So many of our members are excited to jump back into in-person events. We wanted to build on that excitement and offer them a head start at meeting someone new ahead of one of the biggest festival seasons in years.”

Festival Mode — which debuted in 2019, according to CNET — will feature over 20 of the biggest festivals from all across the world, reaching the US, Australia, Germany, the UK and more.

US music festivals on Tinder’s Festival Mode:

If your concert tickets don’t match any of the festivals listed on the app — with Coachella being noticeably absent, Engadget reported — join the Festival Goers space to connect with other live music fans.

NYC Wingwoman CEO Cher Gopman stressed the importance of finding a match who has similar interests. “When you meet someone who has a similar passion, right away you already have a connection building,” she told The Post.

The dating coach always pushes her clients to search for potential dates in spaces where they are comfortable or doing something they enjoy. “That’s where you’re going to meet someone who you’ll connect with,” she said.

She explained that many of her clients are nervous to approach someone in the flesh as they struggle with what to say and how to gauge the person’s interest in them — all factors Tinder’s Festival Mode can help sort out before meeting in person.

“They can already have that ice breaker, and then when they meet in person, there’s already that chemistry that’s been building and more excitement happening,” she said.

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