“The Other Compton MC With A Legendary Career, Meet Spitfiya”

It’s something about small cities that bread major talent. It’s a host of these cities that put out an outstanding amount of superstar talent on every level from sports, entertainment, and business. Compton, Ca is one of those places. So much talent you knew played a major role in music, some you may not have known. One of those most known unknowns is Spitfiya. Yet another Compton MC with a legendary career, Spitfiya spoke with Thissomebull.com about his history and his future.

TSB: Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

SPITFIYA: Hey, my name is Spitfiya, and I’m from Compton. I’ve written or appeared on songs with some of this generation’s most recognizable rappers, singers, and producers, and I’ve been nominated for a Grammy and have achieved multi-platinum status.

TSB: Talk to us about growing up in Compton.

SPITFIYA: I attended most of the local schools while growing up on the west side of Compton, including Compton High, Walton Middle School, Vanguard, and the NFL/YET. In terms of gang violence, drug use, etc., I essentially saw the same things that youngsters in my area had probably seen previously.

TSB: What made you want to get into entertainment?

SPITFIYA: I had a cousin who unintentionally inspired me to rap; he would play music by artists like Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Biggie Smalls, Nas, Twista, and Do or Die, and what caught my attention was how each of them had their own unique way of putting words together. Many people mistakenly think that I like to rap fast, but I’m more attracted to the art of the cadence. What inspires me to rap is the joy of watching people react to how switch my patterns to make my word play stand out, and honestly, that’s what made me want to entertain people.

TSB: You made a big name for yourself after winning, “The Next Episode”, reality show, tell us about that experience.

SPITFIYA: The experience was surreal because I almost didn’t do it because I had a deal on the table with a major label, but my manager told me that if I won the show, it would bring a lot of attention to me and people would really get to know my story faster. It’s tragic that 65% of the individuals on that show from my episode are either dead or in jail, I had a really difficult childhood and witnessed things kids shouldn’t see when growing up.

TSB: You were signed to Shady Records, talk about those times.

SPITFIYA: I only signed there momentarily. Because I had just signed my contract with shady, you might say that I was sort of swapped. Through Interscope, I had the opportunity to join a wealthy family and receive their primary attention. Polo the Don, Timberland, Will I Am, and Sounwave, to name a few, produced the majority of my album. It was a positive encounter.

TSB: You’ve also wrote for some really big artist, how is it working behind the scenes?

SPITFIYA: How I first began writing was extremely interesting.
I would have these sessions with big producers even before I had a deal because I had a lot of buzz at the time, and after I would do my songs, they would also ask me after the session would I mine writing hooks or come up with melodies for their records as well. I didn’t know most rappers don’t know how to arrange songs, put together harmonies or write hooks at the time.

TSB: What are you currently working on?

SPITFIYA: Right now, I have a new single called “The Lick“, and in order to regain the fan base I once had, I will release a new single every 21 days for a complete year and provide content on all social platforms.

TSB: Contact information and links.

SPITFIYA: my Social media handles are Instagram @imbrilliant.
Tik toc: spitfiya: fanbase: @spitfiya
Twitter : @spitfiyafans
YouTube: Spitfiyatv on YouTube






Conversation Conducted By: S.L Jackson (www.1sljackson.com Santoine@thissomebull.com)

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