“The Mic or The Camera” Get To Know Young Ra

                Michigan is a place filled with a wide range of musical history with no shortage of talented artist to support that history. Ypsilanti native Young Ra happens to be one of those talented artists. With over one million streams on his latest music project, “The Bodie Broadus Story,” Ra now has his focus on his latest movie release, “The Opps.” Thissomebull.com sat with Young Ra to discuss what’s next for the rising superstar who’s set to release several singles along with more films.

                Thissomebull.com: Talk about growing up in Michigan.

                Young Ra: Growing up in Michigan was a great experience. As a youngster I put myself in a position to work closely with established industry individuals such as Proof. Michigan provided many opportunities for establishing a solid foundation for my brand and musical influence.

                Thissomebull.com: Do you see a difference in being an actor and an artist?

                Young Ra: I definitely see a difference between rapping and acting but at some point, the two roles tie together. An actor is a person that acts. Acting is essentially the portrayal of another person or character. … An artist is a person who is involved in any activity as categorized under the arts, such as creating art, practicing the arts, and/or demonstrating an art. Sometimes, it’s crucial to be able to wear both hats to create art that provides the visual and brings to life the characteristics of the art.

Thissomebull.com: What type of feedback have you been getting since releasing your latest movie “The Opps”?

Young Ra: I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from the film. People are very intrigued by my role and the concept of the film. Currently, “The Opps” is the hottest independent film out right now charting at #3 on Tubi, one of the most popular streaming platforms. Viewers are anticipating the next project.

Thissomebull.com: Describe how it felt to see your movie for the first time after it was released?

Young Ra: I was overwhelmed with the feeling of being blessed! It always feels great when you work hard and dedicate your time and see the fruition thereof. Seeing myself on the big screen gave reassurance that anything is possible if you commit yourself, stay humble and put in the work.

Thissomebull.com: What else do you have in the works?

Young Ra: Right now, I am anticipating the drop of my latest film, “Makin It” featuring myself, the legendary Clifton Powell, and Tray Chaney! This film is highly anticipated as Maverick has taken big interest in the film along with several other major production companies.

Thissomebull.com: Where can people find your music, movies, and how can they contact you?

Young Ra: Currently, “The Opps” is available on all major streaming platforms as well as my music. Apple music, Spotify, Soundcloud. Follow me on Instagram @young_ra you can reach me via email at 96.jamorellc@gmail.com

                Young Ra is quickly becoming a household name, his presence is felt from your speakers to the big screens. With staring roles next to legendary actors, along with features with some of the hottest in the industry Young Ra is setting himself up on an all-star run. Keep your ears and eyes open for this super star talent, rather it be the mic or the camera.

Written By: S.L Jackson (for more information visit www.1sljackson.com Santoine@thissomebull.com )

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