The Coolest College Football Field Designs

The Coolest College Football Field Designs

In all the years of college football, there have been some phenomenal field designs. Here are just a few of the coolest college football field designs we’ve seen.

1: The Rose Bowl

This design is number one for a reason. The classic, timeless field design speaks for itself, with the beautiful rose at the center of the field tastefully reminding the viewer of the stadium’s name. We also love the classiness and care of painting each endzone with the playing teams’ names and colors.

Although the Rose Bowl Game is only played once a year, you’d be surprised by the maintenance that goes into caring for a field year round. It takes a lot of work to ensure the field looks great at game time!

2: Boise State

The bright blue field was an absolute game changer when Boise State first installed it in 1986, and it still holds its own today. The bright orange end zones contrast beautifully with the blue of the field, creating an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for any game. Plus, the team’s name and the numbers on the field contrast so starkly that they’re easy to read, even from the last row of the stadium.

3: Michigan

Michigan’s field just goes to show that you don’t need to be fancy to be eye-catching. Sometimes, simple is best. The alternating green stripes provided a classic backdrop to the crisp, iconic “M” of Michigan’s logo. The bright yellow color and classic font result in an unforgettable field.

4: Central Arkansas

Here’s a field with another unique color—or rather, colors. The bold silver and purple stripes could have easily come off as tacky, but they actually look fantastic together. Add in the Central Arkansas logo at the center of the field—an intimidating purple bear—and you have an iconic field unlike any other.

5: Eastern Washington

In 2010, Eastern Washington installed their bright red turf field. The color could have easily been an eyesore, but tastefully paired with stark black and crisp white, the color works beautifully. And despite its bold color palette, the field’s design is simple, which is exactly why it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

These are just a few of our favorite cool field designs in college football. Did we include your team’s field?

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