The biker’s guide to not dying on New York City streets

Ditch the Peloton. And think twice about taking your first spin class, as this 23-year-old who developed life-threatening rhabdo learned.

The best way to ride in the Big Apple is on the real thing. Cyclists in the city enjoy faster commutes — just 35 minutes — and breathtaking views while zipping across the many historic bridges.

The only catch? It might kill you. 

In this episode of the New York Post’s Survival Guide to NYC, discover the dos and don’ts of biking while avoiding a face full of pavement. Whether it’s The Texter, the Aggro Driver or the occasional angry Karen, it’s an obstacle course of crazy out there.

The best way to ride in the Big Apple isn’t the subway or cabs — it’s bikes. Cyclists in the city enjoy faster commutes and breathtaking views.NY Post VideoThis handy guide will teach you about the dangers of “dooring.” That’s when bozos getting out of a cab or Uber fail to look both ways before swinging a door open, just as a biker zooms by. Despite eyeball-shaped decals on taxi windows that spell, “Look,” people often forget that they’re stepping into a high-speed bike lane. 

Bikers also deal with road rage on a daily basis. They’re on the receiving end of countless middle fingers — and sometimes hand them out, too, like this Jersey City cyclist who legally rides in the street just to piss off car folks. In NYC, there were over 840 road rage-related crashes in 2020.

If you’re feeling bike-curious, try Citi Bike. Rentals have exploded — literally — with 15,000 blue bikes and over 1,000 stations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Jersey City.

For more New York Post’s Survival Guide to NYC — including what to do if you fall onto the subway tracks or find yourself in Times Square, subscribe to New York Post on YouTube.

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