The Best Yard Games To Play on the Fourth of July This Year

The Best Yard Games To Play on the Fourth of July This Year

No matter how late in your twenties or early thirties you get, nothing can beat a good time with your friends. The Fourth of July is the perfect excuse to throw a rockin’ party, and you can’t have a party without playing some of the best summer party yard games. Let the drinks flow, turn up the music, apply that sunscreen, and enjoy your holiday.

Make this upcoming holiday bash even more amusing with patriotic ribbon décor and themed food/drinks. After all, a party is never complete with décor, food, drinks, games, and music! Mark this next Independence Day by hosting the most entertaining party of the year.


If you have yet to hear about the trendy yard game Spikeball, you are about to learn what all the hype is about. The rules for this game are simple, and the main component involves spiking a ball onto a small circular net elevated off the ground. It’s almost like a chaotic volleyball game, but with a smaller ball and net. Fanatics and newcomers alike will have a blast in this high-energy activity!

Giant Jenga

You can transform some of the best games we played as children into ginormous yard games, allowing us to relive our experiences. You can create a giant Jenga from two-by-fours—add a little red, white, and blue paint to make the game even more fitting for the occasion. This game also allows for more guests to play at the same time too.

Bucket Beer Pong

You know what beer pong is, and if you’re a millennial, you’re probably good at it. Kick up the stakes a notch and turn this college relic into a large-scale game with 5-gallon buckets and softballs. Set up the game how you normally would; instead of a table tennis ball, toss the softball over—we guarantee everyone will have an extravagant time with this game.

Yard Yahtzee

The running theme here is to take games from our childhood and scale them up the size. What can we say? We’re children at heart. For yard Yahtzee, start by creating some large dice blocks with Styrofoam or wooden cubes and grab one of those large buckets. If you’re in a hurry to gather supplies for your party, this game works great because almost everybody knows how to play.

There are plenty of exciting yard games to play on the Fourth of July! As we get older, spending time with our friends becomes increasingly difficult to schedule because of our busy lives. Fortunately, holiday occasions are a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with friends. Playing these games will ensure everyone has an enjoyable time, but the best part will be playing them with old friends.

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