Target shopper finds love in chat with customer service rep

Cupid’s arrow shot a bull’s-eye with one Target shopper and his customer service representative.

If Jonah Taylor’s purchase from the department store hadn’t been damaged on arrival, the 20-year-old music collector may not have found his match in Pablo, an employee at Target.

Now, a TikTok recounting their reported virtual meet-cute has gone viral with 1.8 million views in three days.

“So, I was talking to Target online support … and I think I just found the love of my life,” Taylor says in a video that allegedly includes screenshots of their conversation.

It all started when Taylor claims he received a scratched record in the mail from Target and took his issue to their online customer service chat tool, where he was connected with Pablo.

Without hesitation, the dutiful store associate promised to ship a replacement to Taylor — a point at which most customers would have ended the conversation.

A TikTok video recounting their apparent meet-cute garnered over 1.8 million views in three days.TikTok/@jonah.taylorrJonah Taylor and Pablo reportedly have since spoken through video chat. “Right now, we’re just seeing where things go,” said Taylor.TikTok/@jonah.taylorrPablo then sent a final “Bye,” adding a smiley emoji at the end, which gave Taylor pause.

He responded with a little something extra to his own farewell — a flirtatious “Bye bestie!” before signing off.

“You really made my day, thanks,” Pablo added.

“I tend to be very kind to all customer support employees, as I know their jobs can be pretty stressful already,” Taylor later told BuzzFeed. “So when he told me that I made his day, simply by just being kind to him, I knew I had to talk to him some more!”

And that they allegedly did, with Taylor quickly working up the courage to ask if Pablo is single and if they might be able to talk more through social media.

The pair could hardly contain their interest. “I guess this was the [sic] destiny,” Pablo typed.

Taylor finished his TikTok share with a simple message: “So, who needs Tinder or Hinge when you have Target support?”

The pair are now reportedly taking things slow. “Right now, we’re just seeing where things go,” said Taylor.

On Thursday, they reportedly met for their first video chat, according to Taylor’s recent TikTok vid, after which they played a few rounds of Skribbl, a Pictionary-like web game.

“I’m so happy! We’re already planning our next date!” he wrote over the latest clip.

“Never in a million years did I think I could meet someone in such an unconventional way, so now I believe that you can meet ‘the one’ anywhere, given the right circumstances!” said Taylor in his statement to BuzzFeed.

Pablo, who did not share his surname, also spoke to the online outlet. “Who would’ve thought a conversation I had with a handsome customer could turn into this?”

He then reassured viewers that his love connection while at work wouldn’t jeopardize his position at Target: “For everyone asking, you do not have to worry: I’m not going to be fired, but I truly appreciate all of your concerns!”

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