Tanya Snyder gives ‘tone-deaf’ speech to NFL amid Washington email scandal

NFL owners were not put at ease by Tanya Snyder’s impromptu speech.

During an owners-only meeting with commissioner Roger Goodell in New York this week, Tanya, who is assuming her husband Dan Snyder’s duties with the Washington Football Team, addressed the room with a statement one person called “tone-deaf,” according to the MMQB.

Snyder reportedly apologized that the investigation created negative attention and regretted that the matter wasn’t handled internally, but didn’t take responsibility for her or Dan Snyder’s role in the situation, only saying the team would “get this right.”

She also reportedly apologized to those affected by the investigation, like Raiders owner Mark Davis, and said neither she nor Dan leaked the emails that led to Jon Gruden’s resignation as coach in Las Vegas. According to the Washington Post, the comments came unprompted.

Washington has been fined $10 million and Dan Snyder was removed from day-to-day operations as a result of the investigation, but Goodell has said repeatedly that there won’t be a public report. Davis said Wednesday he believes the league should release one.

Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder and wife Tanya Snyder
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Gruden, who resigned after emails containing racist, misogynistic and homophobic language were leaked to media, is the highest-profile figure to lose his job as a result of the investigation, despite not ever working for the Washington Football Team. Many of Gruden’s correspondences while he was a “Monday Night Football” analyst” were sent to Bruce Allen, the general manager for Washington at the time.

Tanya Snyder talks with WFT cheerleaders in 2012.
Tanya Snyder talks with WFT cheerleaders in 2012.

Goodell reportedly told owners that neither he nor anyone at the league office, to his knowledge, leaked Gruden’s emails. Tanya Snyder also reportedly denied responsibility on behalf of her and Dan, claiminng her husband doesn’t have an email account.

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