Talking Creativeness With Ki-Renee

If creativeness came in the form of a Black woman, it would be Ki-Renee. The Inkster raised; DC transplant has been on a creative roll since elementary school. Now a published author, releasing, “Love Letters & Life Lessons” as well as an adult coloring book, “For the Culture Volume 1: The Black Queen Edition” all with in the same week, Ki is letting it known that she is here to stay. had the opportunity to speak with Ki about what led her to authoring her book.

TSB: Could you introduce yourself to our readers.

Ki: My name is Ki and I’m a creative entrepreneur. I’m originally from Michigan, but recently relocated to Washington, DC. I’m extremely well-rounded, so I don’t have a creative niche, per se. I create everything from custom jewelry and accessories to custom rugs, home goods and furniture. A lot of my work is commissioned, meaning people contact me and ask me to make it specifically for them. I also recently wrote and published a book,Love Letters & Life Lessons,” which I released at the end of July. I’m currently working on a series of adult coloring books, entitled “For The Culture,” the first of which was released on August 7. Both books are available on my website, I’ve also started a blog:

TSB: When did you discover your creativeness?

Ki: I knew that I was creative in elementary school; maybe around fourth or fifth grade. I would look at pictures and draw them freehand. It was also at this time that I realized that I could rap and write songs. I’d listen to instrumentals and rap to them; or listen to my favorite songs and change the words.

TSB: Before writing your new book, what’s other things you’ve done entertainment wise?

Ki: I really don’t consider myself to be an entertainer. My main focus is, and always has been, to create, so that’s the space that I’ve always operated in. However, I have been known to rap from time to time and I’m a hell of a performer as far as that goes. I’ve also done quite a few public speaking engagements.

TSB: Tell me about your new book, “Love Letters & Life Lessons.”

Ki:Love Letters & Life Lessons really came from my desire to get people to think about situations and circumstances that are pretty common to most of us. When I wrote the book, it was important that I was open about my feelings about the topics that I covered, while challenging the reader to be open about their feelings as well and giving them the space to do so.

TSB: Talk to me about the “Healing” chapter.

Ki: The chapter on healing was actually not originally a part of the manuscript. I felt inclined to write it at the last minute because there are so many people who go through things, (some of which are really traumatic), and they don’t allow themselves the time or space to heal. They just suppress it and go through life the best way that they can. Not understanding that when we don’t properly heal from things that have negatively affected us, sooner or later those things show up in other areas in our lives.

TSB: You also have an adult coloring book, tell me about it.

Ki: The adult coloring book that I just released is actually the first in a series that I’m releasing. It’s entitled, “For the Culture Volume 1: The Black Queen Edition”. I’m releasing these books because it’s important to me that Black people are properly represented. I have nieces and I want them to be able to pick up coloring books and see images of people with features similar to theirs. I lead with “The Black Queen Edition” because it’s important to me to celebrate Black women. In this country, Black women are the most imitated, yet also the most hated upon. So, I made it a point to honor Black women, not just because I am one, but because I understand that there’s a need for such.

TSB: Where can people find your books and contact information?

Ki: My books are available on my website: They’re also available on Amazon. The link to “Love Letters & Life Lessons is and the link to “For the Culture Volume 1: The Black Queen Edition” is 

I can be contacted at My social media is as follows: 

Facebook: Ki Reneè

IG: Thee.Ki.Renee

YouTube: Thee Ki Renee

Conversation Conducted By: S.L Jackson (

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