“Talent Over Popularity, Introducing Lil Richie”

Thissomebull.com recently had the opportunity to speak with up-and-coming artist Lil Richie. Hailing from St. Louis now residing in Arizona the young master of ceremony tells us about the promise he made to his self and how he’s been sticking to it.

TSB: Introduce yourself to our readers. 

Lil Richie: I am Lil Richie. I’m 24 years old and currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona. 

TSB: Talk to us about growing up in St. Louis. 

Lil Richie: Growing up in Saint Louis, I had the opportunity to have both parents present in my life along with my three older sisters. Finding myself playing sports from little league football until college was a great passion but somewhere along the way, music became co-existent. Saint Louis, is known for its crimes but there is also fortuity. I was able to experience both perspectives growing up. Whether it was witnessing my peers struggle in impoverished neighborhoods or excelling beyond the status quo.

TSB: Was moving/visiting Arizona a culture shock at age 15? 

Lil Richie: The first time I visited Phoenix was at the age of 15, back in 2015. I transferred for a semester and immediately experienced cultural differences. Arizona helped me identify my rigid behavior until I was able to adapt to the environment, I was in. Even Arizona experienced me as a young prodigy both in music and sports.

TSB: Tell me about working with Noise Music Ent. 

Lil Richie: In Saint Louis at the age of 12, I was part of an entity titled “Noise Music Ent” of which my friend’s uncle was the executive. In 7th grade, we would record at the studio at least twice a week. My friend and I would have deadlines and planned schedules for events at a young age. We performed our first show at a 21 + club once and unfortunately shortly after the entity was no longer. Most of our music was never released and I returned back to being an independent artist.

TSB: In 2021 you made a promise to yourself, what was that promise? 

Lil Richie: I made a promise to myself that I would take music seriously. The promise became clear after my football aspirations ended. As of today, that promise has gotten me into rooms I never imagined and has assisted me with collaborating with artists I never knew. 

TSB:Talent Over Popularity” is your latest EP, tell us about it.

Lil Richie: In 2022, my EP titled “Talent Over Popularity” was released. The EP consisted of 5 songs with a variety of diverse sounds and authentic lyrics. My inspiration for the EP stemmed from the lack of notoriety because of my inadequacy with popularity. I personally feel popularity triumphs over talent. My goal is to put talent back on top. 

TSB: What are currently working on? 

Lil Richie: As of right now, I have a lot of hefty projects underway. As 2023 began, I released two singles and soon I will be introducing new artists into the landscape. Finally, I am actively dominating the role of an Arizona-based film, titled “Bloodline series” a pentalogy with creative peers. An era is beginning, and the era is starring me. All glory be to God. Keep your eyes open for Lil Richie.

TSB: Contact information

Lil Richie: Business Inquiries email: Drerichbooking@gmail.com

Social media:

Instagram: @OfficialDreerichh

Spotify Artist Name: Lil Richie

YouTube: Lil Richie

Apple Music Artist name: Lil Richie


https://songwhip.com/lilrichie2/talent-over-popularity (EP TALENT OVER POPULARITY)

https://songwhip.com/lilrichie2/players-club (PLAYERS CLUB 2023)

https://songwhip.com/lilrichie2/puttin-in-work (PUTTIN IN WORK 2023)

https://songwhip.com/lilrichie2/pressure (PRESSURE 2022)

https://songwhip.com/lilrichie2/im-back (IM BACK 2022)

Conversation conducted by S.L Jackson (www.1sljackson.com Santoine@thissomebull.com)

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