Stunning woman shocks male gym buffs as she deadlifts 425lbs

She’s got beauty and a whole lot of brawn.

A New Jersey gym junkie has gone viral on TikTok after she shared a video of herself deadlifting 425lbs in front of a group of stunned men.

Sherein Abdelhady, 25, posted the clip to the social media site last month, where it has racked up more than 30 million views as many say the clip exemplifies feminine power.

“Deadlifting 425 pounds is cool,” Abdelhady captioned the video. “But seeing everyone’s reaction was cooler.”

The clip shows the robust brunette lifting the weights to rapturous applause.

It then cuts to footage of nine different men in the gym, each looking on in disbelief at Abdelhady’s incredible show of strength.

A video of Sherein Abdelhady deadlifting 425lbs inside a New Jersey gym has gone viral on social media.Jam Press/@shereinabdelhadyThe 25-year-old trainer said she’ll never let others’ doubts get in the way of achieving her workout goals.Jam Press/@shereinabdelhadyThe video inspired thousands of comments — many of which made fun of the men for being shown up by a musclebound beauty.

“Those guys be contemplating their whole life,” wrote one viewer beneath the clip.

“Girls are becoming stronger than guys. Get it!” another chimed in.

Many described Abdelhardy as a “badass” and a “queen,” with the video giving her a whole new legion of admirers.

Abdelhardy, a doctor of physical therapy, told Jam Press that she believes the video went viral because “it’s just not as common to see a female lifting that much weight every day at a commercial gym.”

She was so in the zone that she had no idea she was being watched by many men inside the gym. Jam Press Vid/@shereinabdelhadyTwo men were caught staring at the gym junkie in awe. Friends of Abdelhardy captured the hilarious vision. Jam Press Vid/@shereinabdelhadyAnother man was unable to look away as Abdelhardy pulled off the incredible feat. Jam Press Vid/@shereinabdelhadyA man in a white visor literally let his jaw drop while watching the musclebound babe deadlift.Jam Press Vid/@shereinabdelhadyAbdelhardy has been deadlifting for seven years, and maintains a fit and active lifestyle.Jam Press/@shereinabdelhady“My friend showed me the video she took from a different angle which showed all their reactions and we thought it was really funny,” she further explained of the clip. “We tried to guess what was going on through their heads through the different facial expressions.

However, the gym junkie was in the zone at the time she was deadlifting and didn’t notice the reaction in real time.

“I was really focused and didn’t realize anyone was watching other than my friends, who were all in front cheering me on,” she stated.

“Regardless of whether the reactions were positive or negative, I promised myself a long time ago that I would never dull my spark,” Abdelhardy declared. “I’ll never stop doing what makes me happy just because of someone else’s opinions or doubts.”

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