‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 drops official trailer, shows ‘war’

Everything is turned upside-down in Hawkins. 

The first official trailer for “Stranger Things” Season 4 is here at last, and things are looking dangerous in this 1980s sci-fi world.

In it, an ominous monstrous voice talks about a coming war and how somebody’s suffering is “almost at an end.” Max (Sadie Sink) is shown talking to her deceased brother Billy’s (Dacre Montgomery’s) grave. She tells him about how everything has been “a total disaster” since he left. (“Left” is a curious way to say “died in Season 3,” so maybe Billy isn’t as dead as he seems?) She tells her brother’s headstone that the gang tried to be “happy and normal.” The shot then pans to scenes of Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas (Caleb Ronald McLaughlin) and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) in school, all looking more grown-up, no longer the little kids they were in Season 1. 

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Will (Noah Schnapp) and Joyce (Winona Ryder) are shown living quiet lives away from Hawkins since they relocated at the end of Season 3. Steve (Joe Keery) and his ex-girlfriend, Nancy (Natalia Dyer) are shown sharing a moment together, too, so maybe sparks will fly again. 

Finn Wolfhard as Mike WHeeler, Noah Schnapp as Will Byers and Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven.Courtesy of NetflixRefreshingly, the show isn’t trying to pull a Jon Snow and do a death fake-out for the audience. Although Season 3 ended with everyone believing that Hopper (David Harbour) was dead, he’s shown alive in the trailer. So there’s, no mystery about that to the viewer, the main mystery is how he’ll reunite with the gang.

Netflix’s official plot description of Season 4 is, “It’s been six months since the Battle of Starcourt, which brought terror and destruction to Hawkins. Struggling with the aftermath, our group of friends are separated for the first time – and navigating the complexities of high school hasn’t made things any easier. In this most vulnerable time, a new and horrifying supernatural threat surfaces, presenting a gruesome mystery that, if solved, might finally put an end to the horrors of the Upside Down.”

Series creators The Duffer brothers previously announced that “Stranger Things” will end with Season 5, but there will be potential spinoffs. 

“Stranger Things” Season 4 is split into two parts. Volume 1 will premiere May 27 on Netflix, and Volume 2 will premiere July 1. 

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