Starbucks Workers Get Clever With ‘Kanye West Or Pete Davidson’ Tip Jars

As Kanye West’s campaign to continuously rail on Pete Davidson — who has been dating his ex-wife Kim Kardashian — presses on, some clever Starbucks baristas are using the ongoing spat as a way to generate more tips.

In a TikTok video captured by user @dejapoo00, she visits a Starbucks drive-thru that has two separate tip jars on the counter; one is labeled “Kanye West” and the other says “Pete Davidson.” She drops a dollar in the Davidson jar, which was visibly receiving more love. The Kanye jar, in fact, seemed to be filled with mostly chump change.

In recent months, Davidson has frequently been the subject of the rapper’s ire. The ongoing feud between the two sees no signs of stopping, granted most or all of the pettiness has been initiated and perpetuated by Ye. Most recently, the stop-motion video for Kanye and The Game’s track “Eazy,” (the lyrics of which have Ye saying that he wants to “beat Pete Davidson’s ass”) depicts a claymation Davidson getting killed, buried, and turned into a plant. Meanwhile, good sport Davidson took it in stride, saying it was “hysterical” and that he is “flattered by it all because it is so ridiculous to him.”

As Kanye keeps throwing jabs and Davidson keeps letting them roll off his shoulder, it’s easy to see why most of the Starbucks tip money is ending up in Pete Davidson’s jar and why the top TikTok post comments are also largely backing Davidson over Ye. And while West’s antics are coming across as increasingly childish, if it helps already underpaid Starbucks baristas make some extra cash, then that’s a win for the little guys.

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