Shocking moment family’s car falls backward as drawbridge opens

It was a scene straight out of a disaster movie.

Alarming footage captured the moment a family’s car toppled backward as the drawbridge they were on lifted up in Belgium.

The harrowing, 18-second clip from Oct. 27 shows a red car, with two parents and their 1-year-old child inside, stuck on the Marie Thumas Bridge in the city of Leuven, Brussels broadcaster VRT reported. Then, without warning, the span starts to rise into the air to make way for a ship, causing the vehicle to slide back.

When the drawbridge is nearly perpendicular to the road, the car topples backward and noisily lands upside down on a closed barrier, trapping the family of three inside, the Daily Mail reported.

Thankfully, the occupants were eventually extricated by firefighters and rushed to an area hospital, where it was determined that they suffered only minor injuries.

Without warning, the drawbridge started to rise into the air to make way for a ship, causing the vehicle to slide back.ROBtv/TwitterThe car landed upside down on a barrier, trapping the two parents and 1-year-old child inside.ROBtv/TwitterIt is still unclear why the bridge was raised while the family was stranded on it.

Carolien Peelaerts of Flemish Waterway announced that it’s launched an investigation into the cause of the freak accident, VRT reported.

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