Senior twerkers steal the show in viral TikTok moment

Booty-shaking has no age limits.

A viral, 60-and-older twerking competition was all the rage online as a group of gyrating seniors stole the show by busting some moves to a roaring crowd.

The clips, first posted on TikTok by user Brittany Cosmo, show the limber ladies getting low while being hyped up by a Stetson-donning master of ceremonies on a sizeable stage.

The event — which apparently started out as a concert — quickly turned into a butt-bouncing battle royale between four contestants, who each had their own unique styles, according to Cosmo.

“This how the blues concert went,” she captioned the video. “Old ppl party better!!!”

It didn’t take long for social media to not only give the four ladies nicknames based on their outfits — Twitter user @ThatBaldGyal christened them, in order, “Store Run Vibes Nana,” “Scarlett Letter Nana,” “Disco Ball Nana” and “Denim Venom Nana” — but also chose their favorite dancer in the twerk-off of 2022.

Both Scarlett and Denim quickly rose to be fan favorites across the various platforms.

“Love it! Especially mommy in the blue outfit,” one TikToker wrote on Cosmo’s video.

“Baby this my favorite video. I think that’s my mama in the red,” another user commented in praise.

The shockingly flexible woman in red was also quickly compared to Keanu Reeves’ character in “The Matrix” because of her impressive abilities to lean back and get low.

“Auntie in the red dress was dodging bullets better than neo,” Twitter user @brickcityog wrote.

Others quickly poked fun at how the gals were likely going to feel the morning after they got jiggy with it.

“I know the bengay was pulled out after this,” posted @simsimmaaz.

Despite the few lighthearted gags directed at the women, the sentiment remained that the four were not to be trifled with on the dance floor.

“idk where this was but i need to be at the next one,” wrote Twitter user @foxxwithloxx.

According to Cosmo, the “blue and silver” dancers were crowned victorious and received a raucous ovation in a short follow-up video she posted.

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