Russian oligarchs’ rich kids protest Putin’s war on Instagram

They’re hoping to bring about world peace — one influential Instagram post at a time.

While thousands of Russians have been bravely taking to the streets to protest Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, a group of elite social media influencers are hoping to “like” and “swipe” their way out of the conflict.

In recent days, Russia’s rich kids of the ‘Gram have suspended sharing snaps of their private yachts and bikini bodies — and are instead posting anti-war messages, blasting Putin and praying for peace. (And perhaps a return to jet-setting influencing?)

These glam Russian rebels include the daughter of oligarch Roman Abramovich, as well as the child of Putin’s political mentor and the offspring of a government spokesperson.

The defiant displays are shocking given the influencers’ close connections to the Kremlin and their large social media followings. No doubt Putin is enraged by the public postings, which are reaching hundreds of thousands of people all around the world.

Sofia Abramovich personally put Putin on blast in a recent Instagram Story, despite her dad’s close ties to the Russian leader.Sofia Abramovich/InstagramSofia Abramovich is leading the charge, personally calling out Putin in an Instagram story shared with her 60,000 Instagram followers.

The 27-year-old dirty blonde is the daughter of Roman Abramovich, a Russian oligarch and owner of the Chelsea Premier League Football Club, who has a reported net worth of $12 billion USD. Abramovich Sr. is widely considered a close “confidant” of Putin — but his daughter doesn’t seem to care.

The socialite and budding equestrian usually shares snaps of herself on horseback or lounging on a private yacht, but this week she uploaded an incendiary post which read: “The biggest and most successful lie out of the Kremlin propaganda is that most Russians are with Putin.”

Abramovich — a socialite and budding equestrian — usually shares photos of herself on horseback or in tropical locations. Sofia Abramovich/InstagramMeanwhile, another of Russia’s young and wealthy beauties has also taken to social media to speak out against the conflict.

Maria Yumasheva, 19, is the daughter of wealthy real estate developer Valentin Yumashev and his wife Tatyana Borisovna. (Her mom is the daughter former Russian president, Boris Yeltsin.)

Last week, Yumasheva shared a photo of the Ukrainian flag with her 10,000 followers, accompanied by a caption which read “No war.”

Of course she added a heartbroken emoji to fully express her sentiments.

It’s unclear what Yumasheva’s powerful parents think of her political views, particularly given that her father was said to be instrumental in Putin’s rise to power.

Maria Yumasheva, 19, has shared a post voicing her support for Ukraine. It’s a surprise given her grandfather is former Russian president Boris Yeltsin.Masha Yumasheva/InstagramElsewhere, Elizaveta Peskova similarly shared a post on her Instagram page which read “No to the war”.

The blonde bombshell , 24, is clearly in opposition to her father, who is Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Peskova boasts 237,000 followers on Instagram, and her post was seen by viewers around the world before it was deleted an hour later.

Elizaveta Peskova, 24, shared an anti-war post, which was taken down just an after it was uploaded. Peskova, who is the daughter of a Kremlin spokesman, has now switched her account to private.Elizaveta Dmitrievna/InstagramNow, the socialite has switched her account to private, offering no explanation for the mysterious move.

However, it seems the Kremlin scion is no stranger to controversy. Back in 2019, she hit headlines after taking an internship at the UN, a move which “startled lawmakers fighting Kremlin influence.”

Meanwhile, despite their close connects with the Kremlin, the the young Russian rebel movement’s posts appear to be falling on deaf ears.

Russia announced on Friday there had been “no talk” yet of signing any high-level agreements in the wake of a second round of high-stake peace talks as the carnage continues in Ukraine.

Since the conflict broke out last week, more than 2,000 Ukrainians have been killed and scores more have been injured.

Hundreds of thousands are fleeing west to Poland amid the violence, creating a refugee and humanitarian crisis at the border. 

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