Reporter’s mom interrupts news coverage to show her love while he’s on-camera

A mother’s love can’t be stopped, even when you’re at work.

That’s what multimedia journalist Myles Harris learned firsthand while he was on location for a story in Columbus, Ohio, earlier this week.

Standing across the street from a Roosters Wings restaurant on East Dublin-Granville Road while wearing his blue jacket from ABC 6, Harris tried to coordinate his shot with his videographer DeAngelo Byrd.

Harris’ mother, Sandi, slowly rolled up behind him in her car and stopped by to say hi, according to a video the local news reporter shared to Instagram on Sunday, Feb. 20.

“This is my mom, hold on,” Harris tells his crew near the start of the 21-second clip.

Once Sandi is sure she has his attention after she stops her car, she calls out, “Hi baby!”

“I’m trying to work right now, and you’re over there calling my phone,” Harris responds in acknowledgment that he notice her earlier.

Multimedia journalist Myles Harris’s mom stopped by to say hi just when the reporter tried to coordinate his shot.FOX 28 Columbus“This is DeAngelo. You can say, ‘Hi.’” He continues. “And don’t be holding up traffic because you got cars behind you.”

“Oh, alright,” Sandi says before she blows a kiss and drives away.

The moment earned a laugh from Harris’ followers, but it later went viral on Wednesday, Feb. 23, after the popular meme page Pubity uploaded the clip to its Twitter and Instagram accounts, which have more than 30.9 million followers combined.

Harris’ employer – the Sinclair Broadcast Group – caught on to the viral moment and shared the clip across the two local news stations he reports for – WSYX ABC 6 and FOX 28 Columbus.

The Sinclair Broadcast Group operates both stations to serve residents in northeast Columbus. Harris was actively reporting for ABC 6 when his mother stopped to greet him in the field. It’s not immediately clear if Harris was prepping for a live shot or a standup news video.

Fox News Digital reached out to Harris and ABC 6 for comment.

“Typical Sandi,” Harris captioned his Instagram video with a facepalm emoji. “Yes, typical Sandi.”

The footage quickly went viral as social media users shared the wholesome clip. FOX 28 ColumbusSocial media users all over the internet thoroughly enjoyed the heartwarming moment between a mother and her son.

“Moms always gon be ya biggest cheerleader,” one Instagram user wrote in a comment under his post.

Over on Twitter, one user wrote to FOX 28, “Horray for moms who love their kids & for the adult kids who love them back.” 

If some users feel that Harris shouldn’t have guided Sandi away from the scene, he was reporting on a crime story that took place at the Roosters restaurant he stood across from.

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