Random: Want To Smell Like Sonic? Then Check Out These Official Sega Colognes

Image: Sega / NumskullLook, if you want to go around smelling like an overly-active hedgehog that’s constantly working up a sweat from running about at the speed of light, we’re not going to judge you. Well, much.
Yes, Numskull Designs has unveiled a new line of official Sega colognes that are supposedly a “treat for your senses”. We’ll have to take their word on that, but these descriptions do a decent job of letting us imagine just how “invigorating” each scent is.
There are Sonic, Shenmue, and Yakuza options available, because why not? Images can be found below.
Official Sonic the Hedgehog ‘Blue Blur’ Unisex Cologne

Add a gorgeous, refreshing scent to your everyday life with this invigorating Sonic the Hedgehog ‘Blue Blur’ unisex cologne! Given the seal of approval from the famous blue blur, this cologne boasts an aroma of fresh citrus, a zing of grapefruit zest and exotic lemon and lime, topped with the scent of the ocean breeze and chilled melon fade. Take pleasure in the rich base tones of leather, suede, and cedar. This fragrance is excellent for giving as a present to a loved one or yourself!

Official Shenmue ‘Tobacco and Gold’ Unisex Cologne

Rebellious and addictive, this exhilarating Shenmue ‘Tobacco and Gold’ unisex cologne hits all right smells to get the likes of Ryo Hazuki nodding in appreciation. Enjoy this highly masculine fragrance with top notes of clashing cardamom and bergamot, smouldering golden tobacco, deep orris and sage, and a strong patchouli base. This scent is ideal for presenting as a gift to a loved one or for yourself!

Official Yakuza/Ryū ga Gotoku ‘Bourbon and Smoke’ Unisex Cologne

Created for the night, this bold and intriguing Yakuza/Ryū ga Gotoku ‘Bourbon and Smoke’ unisex cologne will have you smelling like the Tojo clan’s finest crime boss! This fragrance flaunts a deep and mysterious scent of antique oak, cedarwood, beeswax infused with smoky bourbon, leathery rose, and scorching pimento. This cologne is perfect for giving as a gift to a loved one or keeping for yourself!

Images: Sega / NumskullThe bottles themselves are pretty cool, we’ll admit, but do you really want to smell like the Tojo clan’s finest crime boss? If the answer’s yes, you’ll find them available from Sega’s official European shop for £29.99 / €29,56.
If you do decide to grab a bottle or two, remember to come back and let us know what they’re like!

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