Psychologist shares five signs that your relationship is over

Is your relationship dead? A psychologist has revealed five signs that show your bond is over and the two of you should move on.

Dr. Justin D’Arienzo uploaded a video explaining the tell-tale red flags to look out for.

On his @dr.justindarienzo TikTok account, the professional said the first thing to look out for is “you are no longer interested in emotional and physical intimacy.”

His second alarm bell is “you would rather be alone than spend time with your partner.

Next, there could be trouble in paradise if you “can’t have a conversation without it leading to conflict”.

Dr Justin said his fourth sign is when “you judge everything your partner does and even the insignificant things annoy you.”

Finally, you may need to analyse your bond if “you don’t care about your partner or what they do anymore.”

He explained that “together they are signs the end is near, especially indifference.”

His five simple signs have racked up 43,000 likes on TikTok, and some people said they could identify them in their own relationships.

One person said: “In my last relationship I would purposely start an argument just so I could be alone… sad I know. Moved on though.”

Dr Justin replied: “That’s certainly when the trouble begins.”

Another person commented: “I am in this stage already… Don’t know how to bow out without hurting my kids.”

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