President Biden Announces Additional $800 Million In Aid For Ukraine

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

The United States is gearing up to send an additional $800 million in military aid to Ukraine, President Biden announced Thursday.

According to CNN, the new security aid is another attempt at helping the Ukraine survive Russia’s war. Biden announced that the new shipments will include heavy artillery and ammunition, as the country enters month two of vicious attacks from Russia.

“We’re in a critical window now of time where they’re going to set the stage for the next phase of this war,” Biden said about the Russian military. “The United States and our allies and partners are moving as fast as possible to continue to provide Ukraine the weapons they need, the equipment they need–that their forces need to defend their nation.”

If the new military package is approved, the United States will have committed nearly $3.4 billion in assistance Ukraine since Russian invaded the country on February 24th.

Biden explained he will be making a formal request for Congress to approve the second funding package next week.

In order to sustain Ukraine for the duration of this fight, next week I’m going to have to be sending to Congress a supplemental budget request to keep weapons and ammunition flowing without interruption to the brave Ukrainian fighters and continue to deliver economic assistance to the Ukrainian people.”

In addition to the new aid package, Biden revealed the United States is banning Russian ships from American ports, which aligns with a previous ban on Russian aircrafts in US airspace.

No ship that sailed under the Russian flag, or that is owned or operated by Russian interests, will be allowed to dock in the United States port or access our shores.”

The initial aid package, worth $13.6 billion, was signed into law in March and provided Ukraine with military, humanitarian and economic aid. Approximately half of the funds were allocated to deploying troops and defense equipment to the region.

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