The heinous Buffalo supermarket massacre screams for the death penalty

There seems no doubt that Payton Gendron went hunting for black people, murdered as many as he could and planned a second assault. Read more

Film producer Charles Cohen has prescription for ‘resilient’ New York

Film producer, developer, distributor, theater owner Charles Cohen owns everything but the popcorn. His newie film’s “Operation Mincemeat.” Read more

After being swindled and fooled, will we learn from our COVID failures?

We were swindled, fooled, bamboozled and lied to during the pandemic. Read more

Brace for more horrors like 11-year-old Kyhara Tay as Hochul & Co. close their...

How many more innocents must die before Gov. Kathy Hochul and legislative leaders deign to fix — i.e., really fix — the state’s pro-criminal bail and Raise the Age laws? Read more

Biden plainly wants the border crisis to keep getting worse

Migrant crossings at the US-Mexico border soared to a record-shattering 234,088 in April. Team Biden insists lifting the Trump-era Title 42 rule will solve his border fiasco. Read more

NY’s leaders still in denial on COVID reality

The state is spending taxpayer cash to distribute 16.5 million tests, which at this point is pointless to limit the spread. Read more

Wokeness is killing everything, including comedy

This week a newspaper reported the difficulty facing today’s comedians. Read more

Letters to the Editor — May 17, 2022

The Issue: The Biden administration’s slow response to the widespread shortages of baby formula in stores. If President Biden and members of his administration were working for a major corporation, they would’ve been fired...

No way the Buffalo shooter should’ve gotten an assault-style weapon

Payton Gendron, 18, never should've been able to get his hands on the Bushmaster assault-style rifle used in the slaughter. Read more

Judges fail to back Adams’ drive to curb big crime with crackdown on small...

Setting no bail sends a message to young men: Carrying a loaded, defaced firearm into the subway is not a serious crime but more like stealing.  Read more

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