Persona And Shin Megami Tensei Composer Has Left Atlus To Develop Indie Games

Image: Atlus / SEGAVeteran composer Shoji Meguro has recently left Atlus and gone freelance, the company has conformed (thanks, Nintendo Everything).
The announcement on Atlus’ official website confirms that he actually left at the end of September following over 25 years at the company. Also confirmed in the post was the fact that he will continue to work on Atlus projects on a freelance basis in the future — which will come as good news to fans of his work.
Meguro’s career has seen him compose music most notably for the Persona series, but also Shin Megami Tensei, the original RPG franchise from which Persona was spun off (and one which incidentally has a new entry arriving very soon). He also worked on Atlus’ Trauma Center series back in the mid-2000s on Nintendo DS and Wii. Persona 5 was his last big project — one that we’re still waiting to see on Switch, unfortunately — although you can enjoy Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne on Switch in remastered form.
Fans of his work will be happy to hear he’s not retiring, though. In fact, as the composer detailed in a tweet discussing his future, in addition to freelance composing he’ll now be focusing on his real passion: developing indie games. Here’s the statement he put out via Twitter yesterday (27th October):
Image: @s_megarockFeel free to let us know your favourite Meguro-san tunes below.

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