Paper Rock Visionz, See The World From Spliff Star’s Point Of View

All anyone wants to do is live life, Spliff Star is no different. You may know Spliff from the Flipmode Squad, however before you ever seen or heard him, Spliff was somebody in the streets of New York. Rap wasn’t a dream, but he seen the whole New York City becoming a Hip-Hop mecca. Now 30 years later Spliff Star is giving you a firsthand look into what makes the veteran Brooklyn MC who he is today.

TSB: Could you introduce yourself to our readers.

Spliff Star: What’s good is your boy Spliff Star from the imperial Flipmode squad! The second in command to the Conglomerate, the CEO of Paper Rock Entertainment, Paper Rock Visionz, the CEO of Star Strains, & CEO of yumiiGurl designs for woman! Entreprenegro period.

TSB: Tell me about growing up in New York City.

Spliff Star: I was born in the Bronx raised in Brooklyn, New York. I moved from the Bronx to Brooklyn around 6 or 7 years old. I Grew up in East Flatbush, Brooklyn New York Church Avenue. I went to a school called Winthrop Wingate Erasmus. Church Avenue was the stomping grounds. Love People was a club, Empire was the skating rink, kings Plaza was the mall, the last street had everything. its many different ethnicities around the neighborhood. I came from mostly Caribbean. It has some Italians and Jews as well. It’s a street melting pot.

TSB: When did you know you wanted to get into the entertainment industry?

Spliff Star: I was more into the street at the time getting a lot of street money. Busta is my childhood friend I used to take him to the studio with his group leaders of the Nee School, pack them all of my 325I BMW and drop them off at the studio called Chungking studios downtown Manhattan. I would drop them off and head to my destination. Shout out to Norfolk Virginia. I would make it back and sit through the sessions that they would have, and I fell in love with the creation pot and the creativity of watching it get done. it made me feel good. Better than what I was doing. and what I was doing wasn’t going to last long. So, I had to make a switch when opportunity presented itself. And that’s when SPLIFF STAR was born

TSB: Describe the feeling when you first heard your voice on a song. 

Spliff Star: When I first heard myself on the record, I was like I did it. But I knew I had to stay consistent in order to get better you know. I was making a transformation from a real life to somebody’s dream life,
So I feel majorly blessed and value the opportunity I was given to the fullest.

TSB: Talk to our readers about your new single. 

Spliff Star: Yes! The new single is called “LIVE LIFE” It’s so much stupid shit, unnecessary shit happening in the world and just around you and I locally. life is being taken. Like it’s worth nothing. Kids are dying real young these days and it seems like everybody’s more angry than happy. it’s like people love less and hate more. It’s like nobody wants to live and everybody wants to die. well, I want to live, and I want to cherish this thing called life God gave me, so I decided to make a Record called live life! So, if you feel like I do, live life to the fullest and thank God for it. not Just today, but every day.

TSB: When do you plan to release your next project? 

Spliff Star: Project will drop in 2023! nothing but feel-good music. the name of the album is About Time. executive produced by your boy Spliff Star. shout out to all my Paperrock producers and artists we are family a.k.a. #LittMOB

TSB: What else are you working on? 

Spliff Star: I got this movie coming out called “Liquor Run,” I co-executive produced
Clothing line for women, weed strain and other things to coming in the future. We are outside!

TSB: Contact information 

Reach me on IG @spliffstar_mrlewis

Facebook Spliff Star 

Conversation Conducted By: S.L Jackson(

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