Omeretta Opens Up About Feeling Drained & No One Caring About Her Well-Being




You never know what people are going through. Today, Omeretta opened up to her 1.7 Million followers on Instagram about her struggles with her mental health. The ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ rapper expressed her difficulties with fame and not having the proper support.

“I just feel like I should be and can be open with y’all. I have been feeling so drained and I’ve been telling people this but nobody listening cuz nobody care. I have been so numb to everything you would think I would be so excited with all my dreams coming true but I can’t feel anything. People don’t treat me like a human no more they think I’m a money machine or a robot,” she wrote.

The rapper continued explaining that nobody asks how she’s feeling or how she’s doing mentally, but instead, everyone is asking her for things they need.

“I would cry but crying never solved my problems. This s**t hurt,”  she added.

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Singer MAJOR stepped in The Shade Room in support, commenting,

“MENTAL HEALTH > everything.
I pray & believe she will get the support AND covering she needs. This is the behind-the-scenes advocacy work we do at the @RecordingAcademy @blackmusiccollective … it ain’t just about the LIGHTS & TROPHIES… if your MIND & SPIRIT aren’t cared for, the rest won’t matter. Sending LOVE & LIGHT to our sister and every person fighting for PEACE OF MIND while trying to SUCCEED. Both can be done. #HOPEandHEAL #protectYOURpeace #CareForTheCulture.”

Hopefully, with the outpour of support, Omeretta can help regroup and get her mental health back on track as she prepares for new music!


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We’re sending you lots of positive vibes, Omeretta!

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