“The Other Compton MC With A Legendary Career, Meet Spitfiya”

It’s something about small cities that bread major talent. It’s a host of these cities that put out an outstanding amount of superstar talent on every level from sports, entertainment, and business. Compton, Ca...

“Meet Detroit’s Own, JRGotTheHiTS, Now That’s A Name To Live Up To”

Music has always been a family business for the East Coast born, Detroit raised J.R Le Mon Bey. Professionally known as JRGotTheHiTS, he’s been making waves in the industry since a youth. Decades later,...
The Best Musicians Who Left Us a Little Too Soon

The Best Musicians Who Left Us a Little Too Soon

Music makes the world go round, and many artists have sadly passed away before contributing more. Here are the best musicians who left us a little too soon.

“Soul Food, Delivered From Fenkell Ave. Brought To You By Phat Snoop”

Consistency will always knock down barriers, one of the well-known voices in Detroit rap is still speaking for the streets. Phat Snoop has been spitting hustler tales over some of the best production the...
Top 3 Ways To Spoil Your Dog and Show Them Some Love

Top 3 Ways To Spoil Your Dog and Show Them Some Love

Are you a millennial or Gen Z dog parent? Give your fur baby some extra love and spoil them with three royal treatments that’ll upgrade their life.

“The Adventures Of Shelby Sunshine”, Introducing Children’s Author Shelby Lea

I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a room and in walks the sunshine. Well, I have, it all started six years ago when Shelby Lea was born. The first time I seen...

“Meet Detroit’s Leading Man”, A Conversation With Robert Q. Jackson

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything; Robert Q. Jackson is a perfect example of that. The Detroit actor, father, and entrepreneur is gearing up for his first leading...

“Live From The Block To Emmy Nominations”, Meet Ypsi, Michigan’s Own Flip Willson

Some people may know Ypsilanti, Michigan for being a college town. In the early to mid-2000’s one man changed that by showing the world what the streets of Ypsi were like with his DVD...
Breaking Down How Video Game Consoles Work

Breaking Down How Video Game Consoles Work

Video game consoles are an incredible piece of technology, but how exactly do they work? Here’s a breakdown of how video game consoles work.

Talking Creativeness With Ki-Renee

If creativeness came in the form of a Black woman, it would be Ki-Renee. The Inkster raised; DC transplant has been on a creative roll since elementary school. Now a published author, releasing, “Love...

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