“Never forget who introduced you to the “Life Style” of “Diamonds In My Cartiers” It’s Oba Rowland”

One day Detroit rap took a big shift, one person behind that shift was a well-known MC from the west side with an unforgettable name, Oba Rowland. The only son to a legendary high school football coach, Oba had to find his own way in the world and chose the mic over the 100-yard field. Since he decided to dedicate his life to music, Oba’s been on a non-stop run that started in 2013 when he introduced the world to his “Life Style”. Since then, the now label owner is still here releasing some of the best music the entertainment industry has heard. Thissomebull.com recently took the time to speak to Oba about his latest offering to the world.

TSB: Could you introduce yourself to our readers. 

Oba Rowland: My name is Oba Rowland. From the westside of Detroit, MI. (7Mile Rd to be exact lol) I create music and better times for people.

TSB: Talk to us about growing up in Detroit on 7 Mile. 

Oba Rowland: Growing up in Detroit off 7Mile was interesting especially on section I covered. My neighborhood was decent but surrounded by slums. A lot of people thought people from my part had a lot of money and the reality was we were fighting for a come up the same as the rest of the city. 

TSB: When did you know you wanted to be in the entertainment industry? 

Oba Rowland: I knew since elementary and middle school I would be in this industry.

TSB: Talk to us about music in 2013 and 2014 and how that changed your career. 

Oba Rowland: 2013 I was able to put myself in a professional studio every day and night. Id literally live at the studio. 2014 I released he biggest record of my life so far where I’m from called “Lifestyle”.

TSB: Once “Lifestyle” came out, then “Try Me,” what was that like for you? 

Oba Rowland: Once those records came out REAL FAME came in. For me not so much the money but fame came for sure. Like you go somewhere, and people scream to meet you. Or girls you’ve know your whole life never looked your way but now lust for you.

TSB: What have you recently been working on? 

Oba Rowland: Recently just released “Diamonds in my Cartiers” the album. And been on a promo run with media. Still writing songs for placements through Big Sean and Universal. Also getting ready to go on tour with Ethika Music who I have a 3-album artist deal with.

TSB: Talk to us about your record company, PSL. 

Oba Rowland: PSL is my own Label. I plan to make it a cultural window of where I’m from and surrounding areas. I’ve been quietly working with artist local and underground to help get it underway.

TSB: What are you planning to release next? 

Oba Rowland: I’m thinking about releasing my annual Black Santa (3) album every xmas I do too. not sure yet.

TSB: How can you be contacted?

Oba Rowland: Contact me via linktree and see any and every link that needs to be seen: linktr.ee/obarowland All social sites “Oba Rowland”.



Conversation Conducted By: S.L Jackson (www.1sljackson.com Santoine@thissomebull.com)

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