Movies That Accurately Show What Stalking Is Like

Movies That Accurately Show What Stalking Is Like

Stalking is one of those tricky things that are hard to protect yourself from. You can only normally get protective orders against those from within your home, but there are other times when someone’s stalking you with no close relationship. It’s a tricky situation to navigate, but some movies have accurately shown what stalking is like and just how dangerous it can be. It can make you feel unsafe in your own home and skin, but there are actions you can take.

It Follows

This film shows the fear and trauma associated with stalking without being an actual story about stalking. Instead, it’s a horror film that allegorically has the monster in the film taking on the role of a stalker. The monster is a supernatural entity, able to morph into different people, and it follows you until you have sex with someone else. After killing that person, it keeps going down the line until finding the original person again.

What makes this horror film so great and accurate in its portrayal of stalking is that the monster relentlessly follows you to the ends of the earth, even in public places, and doesn’t stop in its pursuit. On the opposite end, the story highlights the mentality and trauma of the victim as everyone turns into their stalker, they can’t sleep, and their mental health falls apart.

One Hour Photo

Robin Williams was always a goofy actor, making audiences laugh no matter what he did or how he did it. In this film, he shows that there’s tragedy on the other end of comedy, and he becomes a villain. Williams plays Sy, a photo technician who obsesses over a “perfect family” for over nine years, but as their facade of perfection comes down, he turns violent. He starts infiltrating their personal lives, threatening them, and imagining himself becoming a part of their family. Williams does a great job of playing the stalker, but it may become too believable at some points.


While the Twilight series has become a fan favorite for so many years, the central relationship in the film is not normal. Beyond the supernatural vampiric characters, the main character, Edward, constantly follows his love interest, Bella, going too far at points. The film portrays it as romantic, but taken out of the film, it’s incredibly creepy, dangerous, and outright criminal. Edward stalks Bella, hiding in the shadows, following her every move. He even breaks into her home unannounced and watches her sleep. It’s not romantic—it’s stalking, an invasion of privacy, and a way for the stalker to control the victim.

Some movies accurately show what stalking can be like, but many fail to capture the lived reality of some victims today. Stalking can be a lot more insidious and undetectable, and it can also build slowly, turning unwanted communication into full-on harassment. The most important thing you should know about stalking and protective orders is that they can help you, even if the stalker isn’t a member of your household. Restraining orders can be an effective tool, but if a stalker commits domestic violence in some form, you should pursue a protective order.

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