Most Impressive Longboarding World Records

Most Impressive Longboarding World Records

One of the most enjoyable things about an elementary school book fair was darting for the Guinness World Record book. Seeing all the crazy things people accomplished was fun, and it may have even motivated you to try to break a strange one yourself. Longboarding is a sport that gives you plenty of chances to set a new mark, and these are the most impressive longboarding world records to get you inspired.

I Just Want To Slide

Slides in longboarding are one of the most fun things you can do, especially when you can shatter records. Dylan Hepworth is one longboarder with aspirations of having the longest toeside slide at 125 feet. Hepworth can perform slides exceeding 100 feet like Stephen Curry drains threes, considering he has the record for the longest switch toeside at 110 feet.

The most contentious record to date is for the longest heelside. Wolfgang Coleman held the record for a year with a 162-footer. Then, two boarders, Ryan Vanderveen and Liam Morgan, supplanted Coleman on the same day with 170 and 180-foot slides. Finally, Rob Laing accomplished a staggering 200-foot heelside to take the throne.

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

One of the sweetest things about longboarding is its many different uses. While many enjoy longboarding to cruise around, they can also approach astonishing speeds. Peter Connolly found the perfect combination to get more speed on his board, traveling 91.17 mph in Quebec, Canada.

Carving, the S-like motion you can make on a longboard, is an integral part of riding that many learn early on. But zig-zagging through 100 cones in 19.41 seconds, as Janis Kuzmins did, is quite the feat.

Lastly, a record combining endurance and hastiness, Kiefer Dixon’s marathon of one hour and 38 minutes is atop the pyramid, outpacing the old record by two minutes.

In It for the Long Haul

When we say people use longboards to travel long distances, we should emphasize the word “long,” particularly the world records for traveling in a day. The women’s record for distance traveled in 24 hours is 262 miles by Saskia Tromp at the Dutch Ultra in 2017. Tromp wasn’t the only record-setter at his event, as Rick Pronk passed the 300-mile threshold with a 313-mile journey.

Take That, Roger Bannister

The English runner Roger Bannister made history when he ran the first four-minute mile in 1954. Now, the record is down to three minutes and 43 seconds by Hicham El Guerrouj. But when you have a longboard under your feet, the three-minute mile was the benchmark, and Kaspar Heinrich did that with an unprecedented two-minute and 54-second mile. He destroyed the old record by nearly 40 seconds. The fastest women’s mile is three minutes and 30 seconds by Sidra Boyer, besting the record by five seconds.

The most impressive longboarding world records are hard to fathom regardless of if you have never stepped foot on a longboard or are a seasoned veteran. But the purpose of setting records is to break them, and it’s never too late to reach for the stars.

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