Mom claims she only buys food for her family every six months

A mom has showcased her huge $3,703 supermarket shop that will feed her family for six months.

Tabitha, a mom-of-five who lives in Michigan, prefers to do her grocery shopping just once or twice a year, stocking up on enough food to feed her family for months at a time.

Speaking in a recent YouTube video, she explained: “We are a family of seven and we have five kids and this is just what works for us, not everybody would like to make this huge haul in one trip but that’s just how we like to do it.

“We’re hoping about four to six months that this will last us.”

And judging by the enormous quantities that she and her husband have purchased, Tabitha will have no trouble making the stockpile last.

Her near $4,023 haul included six bumper jars of olive oil, a year’s worth of rice, 20 pats of butter and 10 dozen eggs.

Tabitha also stocked up on 22 packets of pasta, 95 bags of chips, 24 chicken breasts as well as enough beef to make at least 15 meals for the family of seven.

Tabitha, a mom-of-five on YouTube, explained how she only goes grocery shopping for her family every six months.YouTube/This Mama’s HouseThe Michigan mom spent $4,023 on her most recent grocery shopping spree.YouTube/This Mama’s HouseAnd all that food takes some putting away.

Tabitha says: “This Costco haul is like an all day event. We headed out right away when they opened at 10am right now it’s 4pm and we’re still going.

“By the time I’m done putting everything away it will probably be nighttime.”

The family have storage space in their basement, but have so much food that they’re often forced to store items in the hallway and even the bathroom.

Tabitha said she hopes the stockpile of food lasts from four to six months.YouTube/This Mama’s HouseTabitha called the shopping trip “an all day event” and predicted it would take until nighttime to put the items away.YouTube/This Mama’s HouseTabitha added: “We are so grateful that we are able to buy this food for our entire family and feed them for months on end. It’s really worth it even though it takes all day.

“This grocery haul will last my family-of-seven so long, we rarely go out to eat so this is just what we needed.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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