Mistakes To Avoid When Going on a First Date

Mistakes To Avoid When Going on a First Date

Getting a date might be easier than ever before with the introduction of dating apps, but that doesn’t mean that all of them go over well. Knowing which mistakes to avoid when going on a first date allows you to rest easy because you can be a courteous person rather than a pretentious jerk.

Talking Only About Yourself

You want to make a good impression when you go on a date. One way to do that is to showcase your humor and talk about your career or interests. However, possibly without even realizing it, you spend the whole night talking about yourself.

That is a giant no-no for the first date because it makes you seem narcissistic. Instead, ask questions and get to know your things about your date. That shows them you are respectful and interested, giving you a chance to build chemistry.

Going on Your Phone

Another disrespectful move that should drive anyone up the wall is being on your phone repeatedly throughout the date. Social media will be there when you depart for the evening, so wait to check it until you’re cozy in bed. Aimlessly scrolling when you’re supposed to get to know each other better is a giant red flag that you might not overcome.

Having a Lazy Appearance

You must treat the first date like a job interview: dress to the nines, groom yourself, shower, moisturize, etc. Once you walk through the door, you want to look and feel the best version of yourself. What you don’t want to do is wear wrinkled, dirty clothing and smell like you just came from the gym.

Also, give yourself one more pat and check in the mirror to ensure that you don’t have a wardrobe malfunction that brings things to a screeching halt. After all, you don’t want someone to tell you that your fly is down.

Showing Up Late

In the same vein as treating a first date like a job interview, don’t show up late. You don’t want to seem undependable before the night even begins. Get ready with plenty of time to spare in case something horrible goes wrong. If you are late, don’t leave them in the dark as they wait, pondering if you stood them up. Text or call them to assure them that you’re on the way and apologize.

Not Leaving Things in the Past

Dwelling on the negative is a quick way to ruin the vibe of a good date. Therefore, leave previous relationships in the past and avoid discussing your exes. The person across from you wants to be the center of your attention, so reliving a vacation with your ex might cause them to stop listening to what you’re saying. If a long-term relationship blossoms, you will have plenty of time to dig deeper.

Going on a first date is an anxiety-inducing experience, so knowing what mistakes to avoid gives you a better chance of having a second date.

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