“Meet William Regal, The Mastermind Behind, “Regal Empire Dobermans”

Dogs are man’s best friend, so anyone providing those best friend’s must be a special person. Meet William Regal owner of “Regal Empire Dobermans.” The Sacramento, California native has been all around the world as a former Navy enlistee, but settled into Atlanta Ga, as home. Now on a mission to breed the best Dobermans the world has seen; William is here to give Thissomebull.com an exclusive on how he became a breeder and his future on expanding his empire.  

TSB: Could you introduce yourself to our readers. 

William Regal: My name is William Regal, Owner of Regal Empire Dobermans. I have been breeding Dobermans for about 8 Years now and enjoy every minute of it. I am a United States Navy Veteran originally from Sacramento, California but I now live in Atlanta, Ga and have been here for about six years. 

TSB: Talk to me about growing up in Sacramento, Ca. 

William Regal: Sacramento Was a good city to grow up in. It could get kind of routine sometimes but luckily if you wanted to get out of town San Fran and Oakland were only like 2 hours away. I learned how to talk to and read people very well growing up there. Everyone is on the grind out there, so you have to make sure you’re not getting gamed up.

TSB: When did you decide you wanted to go to the Navy, how was that experience for you? 

William Regal: After I left high school, I decided to join the military. I joined in 2004. It had its ups and downs but overall, I learned a lot of valuable lessons. Attention to detail was something I lacked, and I became much better at making sure things were done correctly the first time. I also learned how to deal with many different people from many different backgrounds. Learning that your way isn’t the only way was a very valuable lesson. 

TSB: How did you get into breeding dogs? 

William Regal: I began breeding dogs by accident actually. We had a surprise litter with some neighbors, and we sold the puppies for next to nothing. I decided to do it again but this time to make it bigger and better. I have an addictive personality so when I see that I’m good at something I try to make it the best I can. 

TSB: When did you create “Regal Empire Dobermans”? 

William Regal: I created Regal Empire Dobermans in 2018 and became an LLC in 2020. I didn’t want to be a backyard breeder. I wanted to make sure that I was doing this the right way which is why I made it a legit business.

TSB: How did the move to Atlanta, Ga affect your business? 

William Regal: Moving to Atlanta really helped my business grow. I received so much support out here. Being a Black business owner can really have its share of difficulties, but Atlanta embraced me and took care of me.

TSB: What’s the wait time to get a Doberman from your company?

William Regal: On average my clients do not wait longer than 4-6 months to get a puppy from me. They are always in high demand. We currently have over 70 clients waiting for puppies from me!

TSB: What’s next for William Regal?

William Regal: I have some major things that I am working on right now. We are finishing up our pilot for my reality show, I am partnering with some NFL athletes on a breeding application and am currently looking to expand my kennel spaces.

TSB: How can people contact you? 

William Regal: I can be reached via IG @regalempiredobermans or on my website www.theregalempire.com 

We also have videos on YouTube keyword Regal empire Dobermans. (https://youtu.be/sodTh_GGrGU)

Conversation Conducted By: S.L Jackson (www.1sljackson.com Santoine@thissomebull.com)

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