Meet the sisters dubbed the ‘X-rated Kardashians’ of OnlyFans

These sexy sisters are causing a family feud — and it’s all because of OnlyFans.

Brazilian beauties Larissa and Rafaela Sumpani both rake in a fortune sharing kinky content on the subscription site, but their family and friends don’t approve.

However, the saucy siblings say they have no regrets about their erotic online activities and have billed themselves as “the X-rated Kardashians.”

Larissa, 24, and Rafaela, 21, both started OnlyFans accounts back in July 2020, and now rake in more than $10,000 per month combined.

“We understand that the OnlyFans industry is an excellent opportunity for women who accept their sexual freedom as a form of empowerment,” Larissa declared in an interview with Jam Press.

“Being sisters helps a lot, because we are extremely similar in everything — especially in the matter of living without taboo. Our partnership reflects in our lifestyle and in our madness, and this delights everyone,” the older sister added.

Rafaela (left) and Larissa Sumpani have described themselves as the “X-rated Kardashians.” The Brazilian beauties boast a large following on OnlyFans.JAM PressDouble trouble! The saucy sisters said OnlyFans is “empowering” and they’re raking in more than $10,000 USD per month. Jam Press/CO Press OfficeThe Sumpani sisters have shocked family and friends with their kinky content: “Fans make a lot of exotic requests — from used panties to videos with golden rain on each other, although the latter we don’t do.” Jam Press/CO Press OfficeHowever, relatives are certainly not “delighted” by the pair’s raunchy antics — putting them on blast in a family group chat.

“They spoke badly and even shared the videos in the family groups on WhatsApp,” Larissa confessed. “Cousins who were close also moved away and we were criticized at first.”

The pair even say they’ve fallen out with friends, with several accusing Larissa of being a bad influence on her younger sister.

Rafaela (left) and Larissa said they’ve fallen out with friends due to their erotic online activities. Jam Press/CO Press Office“They also judged us a lot,” they said.Jam Press/CO Press Office“They also judged us a lot, because they had the wrong idea that Rafa was following this path because of my influence, and not because I liked this world of exhibitionism and content,” the older Sumpani sister stated.

While family and friends may be upset, the sisters have certainly acquired a legion of admirers.

“Fans make a lot of exotic requests — from used panties to videos with golden rain on each other, although the latter we don’t do,” Larissa insisted.

Rafaela boasts more than 111,800 followers on Instagram, where she shares risque pics and promotes her OnlyFans account. Jam Press/CO Press OfficeOlder sister Larissa has been accused of being a bad influence, but she insists her younger sibling loves performing for the camera just as much as she does. Jam Press/CO Press OfficeThe pair also boasts tens of thousands of followers across other social media platforms.

Both Larissa and Rafaela have Instagram accounts, where they frequently share sizzling shots together and advertise their respective OnlyFans accounts.

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