“Meet Preme Cordice, The Man Behind The Boards, The Mic, And The Desk”

At one point the whole entertainment industry moved to Atlanta, for Preme Cordice it was more of a homecoming. Born to a military mom, Preme Cordice was born in Atlanta. By the time he was 12 years old, he’d made his way to Inkster, Michigan where he learned the skilled, he used when he made his way back to Atlanta. Now a sought-after engineer at two of the best studios in the industry, Preme is ready to display his executive skills with the launch of his newly formed, Relativ Key Music. Thissomebull.com spoke with Preme, for an overview on his successful career.

TSB: Could you introduce yourself to our readers. 

Preme Cordice: My name is Preme Cordice. 

TSB: You’re the son of a military mom and a dad who was into the arts, how was that growing up?

Preme Cordice: The only impact my parents’ military years had on me growing up was traveling and living in different places. They taught us how to be versatile thinkers and respect different cultures. By the time I was three they were both out of the service. My dad being in the arts had a huge impact on me. I was always intrigued by his music equipment. Music was always playing as well so I just had some type of understanding of music early. My mom also made it a standard for us all to play an instrument. That also helped me realize what I wanted to do with my life.

TSB: You grew up in Atlanta, then moved to Inkster as an adolescent, then back to Atlanta as an adult, talk about those transitions.

Preme Cordice: Moving to Inkster was dope. Even at 12 years old. I wanted us to try it out. The snow, the accents, and the culture all peaked my interest. I wanted to move to Michigan mainly because of Motown Records. Atlanta taught me modern music. Inkster and Detroit taught me music history. I learned how to rap, produce, and engineer in Inkster.

TSB: When did you know you wanted to get into the entertainment industry?

Preme Cordice: When Nas’s Stillmatic came out, I knew the music/entertainment industry was my calling.

TSB: Tell me about the impact the Atlanta Institute Of Music had on your life.

Preme Cordice: AIMM changed my life. Prior to attending school there, I was one dimensional. I only wanted to rap. I actually enrolled so I could mix my music and release it. During the first semester I realized just rapping wasn’t my passion, music was and is. The instructors gave us a lot of insight that I use daily.

TSB: Give me a run down on some of the studios you’ve worked at and people you’ve worked with.

Preme Cordice:  I have worked out of most of the legendary studios in Atlanta but the two I am attached to mostly are Twelve Music Group, under Dina Marto and Chubbie Baby and Treesounds Studio. I interned at both and became part of the engineering teams. To this day I work out of both when they need me. I have had the pleasure of working with Busta Rhymes, Ne-Yo, Dream Chasers, 300, Empire, Atlantic Records, Epic and so many more. One of my proudest moments was getting booked to work with a hometown hero AllStar JR. It was like everything came full circle. 

TSB: Talk to me about your company, “Relativ Key Music.” 

Preme Cordice:  Relativ Key Music is a company I started a couple years back. It just means music and family. The name comes from being inspired by my family to do music and using music to feed my family. We provide all audio services. Tracking, mixing, producing, sound replacement, beat making. Pretty much anything you can think of when it comes to audio needs. We service independent artists all the way up to major label artists. 

TSB: What’s next for Preme Cordice?

Preme Cordice: My plan is to continue growing, mastering my craft, get more    credits, get plaques, Grammys and open up my own stand-alone Studio.

TSB: Contact information.

Preme Cordice: The best way to reach out is my website. www.soundfirst.biz or mixxxmeplz@gmail.com


Conversation Conducted By: S.L Jackson (www.1sljackson.com Santoine@thissomebull.com)

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