“Meet Detroit’s Leading Man”, A Conversation With Robert Q. Jackson

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything; Robert Q. Jackson is a perfect example of that. The Detroit actor, father, and entrepreneur is gearing up for his first leading movie role to be released. Thissomebull.com took the opportunity to speak with Q about his acting, and newly formed luxury car rental services. The former veteran speaks on fatherhood, along with growing up on the west side.

TSB: Could you introduce yourself to our readers. 

ROQ: Robert Q Jackson. I’m an actor, model, and entrepreneur. Military veteran and father, born and raised in Detroit. 

TSB: Tell me about growing up on the west side of Detroit. 

ROQ: I grew up on Schoolcraft. Right off Grand River and greenfield. I loved the West side. It’s always been so much to do. Detroit roller wheels, Norwest theater and Mammoth shopping center all were big things we did growing up. It was the hood, but it didn’t feel bleek, like I couldn’t make it out. Between those things and Leddy’s candy store, go karts off Oakman and so many other little gems, my childhood was great. Crazy thing is my mom stayed off schoolcraft and when my parents split my dad moved off Livernois and outer drive area. So, between seeing both my parents, I actually ended up going to school near my dad. So Vandenburg, Beaubien and Mumford HS were I attended school. It was weird at first, but I gained a lot of friends because of that distance of living with both parents. 

TSB: You’ve been acting since you were a kid, what inspired you to be an actor? 

 ROQ: I really love acting. My parents always let me be me. Never scolded me for being silly or having too much energy. I think that turned into me loving making people smile. My mom was always the life of the party, and my dad was very smooth with his words. So, seeing that, it turned into me being a bit of both. I watched a lot of tv as a kid and would act out what I saw very well. I’d watch a movie and spend hours in the backyard “in that world” from the movie. I had a great imagination. Truth be told, I later came to realize that me being funny and making people laughed kept people from teasing me. I wasn’t “cool” back then unfortunately. I was textbook nerd. I was short, braces, glasses, super smart and I was dark skinned. That wasn’t in back then, you know. So, it was sort of a defensive measure. I would make folks laugh before they could crack a joke on me. And THAT made me cool. Most people left me alone knowing I could joke better than them. That eventually took me to talent shows and being in some local skits as a kid. The bright lights, cameras and tons of people amazed me. I was hooked. I wanted to be a movie star so bad after that.

TSB: What made you decided to enter the Air Force? 

ROQ: I decided to enter the Air Force for a few reasons. The first was I knew I didn’t want to go to college. I was smart and didn’t have trouble with school. It was actually boring and too easy. I knew I wouldn’t take it seriously and waste my time and money. Then also growing up on schoolcraft back then was really chaotic and wild. The older I got the more violence, death, drug dealing, and crazy stuff I saw. I saw too many of my friends get pulled into that life. I knew that wasn’t who I was or even wanted to be at all. My mother came to me and asked what I wanted to do. I wanted to start working. Be “grown,” I guess. She said to me “I won’t ask for anything from you in life ever again if you do something for me. I won’t ask for grandkids, tell you who to marry or even stop you from moving on, if you finish this. Join the military, please.” I thought about it and weighed the upside to it all and decided to join. I told my father about it, and he said the same thing she did, instead added, “just join the Air Force if you go.” My grandfather who I thought was the greatest human on the planet at the time, said similar adding “just don’t join the Army.” As a WW2 veteran, D-Day+2, I think he wanted me to join but have the opportunity to actually enjoy my service. Best advice I ever got from those 3 people. Changed my life for sure. I gained so many important life skills which still translate in my life today.

TSB: What was your first leading role? 

ROQ: My first leading role was in a play with Chosen One production headed by Richard Bass. It was called “OUT OF BOUNDS.” It was a play about a basketball star who had family issues and relationship issues but trying to balance the love he was giving to everyone. It was a great experience and one thing I’ll cherish and remember forever. My first lead role in a movie is the one I’m currently rehearsing and preparing for now. It’s called “CONCUBINE.” It’s about a music mogul and his struggle to be happy in his current marriage or risk it all with his new talent he is trying to make a star. It’s really good. I’m super excited to have this opportunity finally. It’s been a long time coming and I’m ready for this to be my chance to show everyone how much I love acting.

TSB: You have a lot going on, how many productions are you currently part of?

ROQ: Yes, I definitely do have a lot going on. As of right now I have completed 8 productions, 7 movies and 1 stage play this year. I’m currently filming my lead role CONCUBINE, next up is a supporting role in “THE CITY GOD FORGOT ABOUT” and then “A GOOD MAN” right after that. That will be 11 total in 10 months for 2022. Hopefully, I can round it out and make it 12 for 12, or more for this year.

TSB: Tell me about your luxury car service. 

 ROQ: R.I.S.E. luxury transportation LLC is my first official business. “Ride In Style Everyday” is here to provide a safe, secure, and timely experience to our clients. Excellent professionalism, kindness and integrity is what we do best. Private rides with armed drivers is mostly what our clients request. I’m currently growing our fleet of vehicles to be able to provide a diverse choice of rides to our clients. 

TSB: How do you balance fatherhood and the entertainment industry/entrepreneurship? 

 ROQ: Trying to balance everything can be a challenge but I’m dedicated to success. Some things I have to sacrifice for others. Its times I want to see my son at his baseball games or karate class, or other activities and I cant. It pains me but I know he’ll appreciate my hard work when he can do anything he wants in life because I’m going so hard now. Then other times there are meetings, casting calls, opportunities I have to pass on because my sons time is more valuable than chasing another dollar. At times it can be frustrating, personally, trying to not be so hard on myself about sometimes losing that “balance.” I love my son so much and don’t want to miss too much. But God has been putting so much in front of me lately that I often wonder is it a “test” of some sort. Like, is he seeing if I will sacrifice to win or is he testing me to see if I choose family instead of money. That internal struggle is a lot. However, I’m actually grateful for it. It could be nothing at all. So, I just lean on what’s in my heart and make it up later if I can.

TSB: Contact information 


Email: Rqjackson524@gmail.com 

Conversation Conducted By: S.L Jackson (www.1sljackson.com Santoine@thissomebull.com)

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